And That’s A Wrap On Our 95th Season- August 14th Blog

We can’t believe that our 95th Season has come to an end! These past seven weeks have flown by! It’s been an incredible summer! Thank you to the wonderful camper’s that we had this season, the parents who sent their boys to stay with us, the CIT’s who worked tirelessly to support the campers and […]

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A Day of Thanksgiving for Birch Rock Camp- August 12th Blog

Today began with the soothing sounds of WBRC radio, bringing everything to everyone from funky tunes to important news. The dominating story in the news today was the stunning turn of events in the triathlon: Campbell H. was ruled out due to medical concerns. Campbell had dominated the event placing first the past two summers, […]

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Two More Whales Today?!?- August 11th Blog

Wow time sure has flown by this summer! Today was the last full day of activities here at camp. We all awoke at 7:30 this morning eager to earn those final badge parts. We had two whales in the water this morning – John F. and Quinn C. The weather in the morning was slightly […]

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Two Whales Today?!?- August 10th Blog

As we near the final days of camp, it becomes crunch time for campers to achieve their goals for activities or long distance swims. Today was jam packed with such achievements. Trent G. and Campbell H. were both awarded their advanced volleyball badges today and Liam B. became probably the youngest camper in Birch Rock […]

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Tringale Boot Camp- August 9th Blog

Hi, my name is Gus Tringale and, yes, I was head counselor today. Welcome to the Tringale boot camp where no shirts will be left untucked and no hospital corners will be left undone. Under my jurisdiction, camp was spotless and we had zero fun. JUST KIDDING! The badges were flying and uproarious laughter was […]

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A BIROCA BONANZA- August 7th and 8th Blog

It’s warp speed with activity and action here on McWain Hill.  Thanks to the extraordinary creativity and talent of the BRC staff – all hands on deck with the roll-out of ILION.  But first Sam K. rounds the bend finishing his Whale in amazing time. Evan W. is sent out in hot pursuit. Ilion is […]

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Welcome Back to the Bears!- August 6th Blog

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day on the shores of Lake McWain. We welcomed the Bears back from their three day trips to either hike the Pemigewasset Wilderness (where they hiked a whopping 27 miles) or canoe across Umbagog Lake. Both groups had a blast, but we are happy to have them back here at […]

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All the Small Things.- August 5th Blog

Camp is so special! There are soooo many reasons why camp is so fun and amazing. Of course we all know the big stuff like activities, the lake and the food but the little niche things around camp give it that extra specialness. For example when Gauge D. earned his Sr. Wood shop badge today […]

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The Hills of Sunset Splendor- August 4th Blog

It was another beautiful day here at Birch Rock Camp! We awoke to an incredible breakfast of oatmeal, French toast and cinnamon rolls. After tidying up our cabins, we were ready to get the day started! A couple badges were earned during the morning – Gabe E. finished up a beautiful sunset painting in the […]

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Pirates Visiting Camp?!?- August 3rd Blog

I wake up. It’s 6:45 in the morning, and there’s rustling at the foot of my bed. Josh R. is switching positions with the CIT Jonah, donning Jonah’s signature hat and Jonah pulling on Josh’s iconic Berwick school t-shirts. When I asked what was going on, they said “it’s a social experiment”. I was satisfied, […]

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