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Summer Camp for Boys in Maine

Since 1926, Birch Rock Summer Camp in Waterford, Maine has offered boys aged 7 to 16 an unparalleled summer of old-fashioned fun and adventure, and a break from their normal home and school routine. We believe that our warm, cooperative community makes Birch Rock an incomparable place, where campers come to master new skills and find pride in their achievements.


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"Help the Other Fellow"

Birch Rock is committed to giving boys a rousing summer camp experience that builds self-confidence, skills and responsibility. We focus on enjoyment and stewardship of the natural world, and embrace the simplicity of traditional camping. With our motto, “Help the Other Fellow,” we encourage boys to grow in generosity, integrity and mutual support.

A close-knit community of friends and mentors.

Our rustic summer camp and cool as heck wilderness trips whet a boy’s thirst for roughing it in the woods. Birch Rock’s campers and counselors gather from around the world to create tight friendships on our playing fields, on our lakefront, and in our historic Lodge—where campers’ names have filled the walls since 1926. Birch Rock’s directors and staff are true partners in parenting, helping each boy pull through challenges, and return home from camp with a bit more fortitude and exultation.

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A warm, supportive community, where campers build self-reliance, master new skills and form long-lasting friendships

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Back On The Hillside

Aaaaaaand just like that we are back on the hillside.  To return to Birch Rock Camp is to, once again, immerse oneself into the earth’s natural beauty.  This morning while cleaning the swim tent, we checked on the progress of two bird nests. One nest has 4 eggs yet to hatch and the other have […]

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A Hero in Everyone’s Eyes

Faster than a speeding bullet in Lake McWain, able to leap tall  cabins in a single bound—that was Pete Haas. A hero in everyone’s eyes, Pete is remembered as the consummate Birch  Rocker, a true gentleman, champion swimmer and proud United  States Marine. He embodied our ethos, Help the Other Fellow,  365 days a year. Pete […]

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Teen Mental Health

What do you think about independence for children? And have you tuned in yet to the Japanese reality TV show Old Enough!? A hit show for three decades in Japan, it’s new to Netflix and American viewers. The premise is shocking here in the US—tiny Japanese children run errands all alone for their parents on […]

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