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Lisa Bozzelli, P’10s, Arlington, VA

Ryck Birch,’70s, S’80s, P’10s, Natick, MA

Ben Brewster,’00s, Hadley, MA

Eli Brewster, ’10s, S’10s, Boston, MA

Becca Brewster, S’90s, P’10s, Concord, NH

Seth Brewster, ‘60s, S’80s, P’00s, South Portland, ME

Francie Campbell, P’00s, New York, NY

Michael Castelli, P’10s, Arlington, VA

Katelyn Chalmers, P’20s, Bridgton, ME

James Chalmers, P’20s, Bridgton, ME

Robert Donahue, ’00s, S’10s, Geneva, IL

Elizabeth Elliott, P’00s, Jupiter, FL

Peter Herzig, ‘70s, S’80s, New York, NY

Michael Herzig, ‘70s, S’80s, P’10s, New York, NY

David Nesher, ‘90s, S’00s, P’10s, Kennebunkport, ME

Jennifer Rotman, P;10s, Westborough, MA

Richard Rotman, P’10s, Westborough, MA

Kim Rubin, P’10s, York, ME

Zach Rubin, P’10s, York, ME

Bob Stone, ‘60s, P’90s, Winchester, MA

Beverly Stone, P’ 90s, Winchester, MA

Maria Tringale, P’10s, Medford, MA

Paul Tringale, P’10s, Medford, MA

Arlene Whichard, P’10s, Waterford, ME

Bruce Whichard, P’10s, Waterford, ME

Steve Whittier, P’10s, Cape Elizabeth, ME

Trustee Emeriti

Geoffrey Alexander, P ‘00s, Cape Elizabeth, ME

Lindsay Alexander, P’00s, Cape Elizabeth, ME

Bob Cleaves, ‘60s, S’70s, P’00s, South Portland, ME

Nancy Dreyer, P’00s, Belmont, MA

Jojo Herzig, P’00s, New York, NY

Fred Howard, ‘70s,P’00s, Scarborough, ME

Julie McLaughlin, P’10s, Princeton, NJ

Mark McLaughlin P’10s, Princeton, NJ

Allison Smith, P’00s, Scarborough, ME

Win Smith, ‘70s, P’00s, Scarborough, ME

Bob Tuffy, GP’00s, Hanover, MA

David Weeks, S’70-90s,P’00s, Ellicott City, MD

Libby Whitter, P’00s, Cape Elizabeth, ME

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