Why Should A Boy Go To A Summer Camp?

Much of the success and joy of life depends upon initiative, perseverance, interest in one’s work, the proper use of free time, and the ability to get along with others. Camp life gives a boy an excellent opportunity to become self-reliant and develop a well-rounded personality.
Living in close association with men and boys of good character will give a boy an incentive to become a good citizen. It inspires him to right living, clear thinking, mental, physical, social and spiritual growth. Camping is a combination of learning and living.
In a camp a boys should expect patient, understanding helpfulness, an opportunity to express his own idea in work and play, and to find friendly, considerate, and unselfish companionship.
Parents should expect a boy to receive nutritious food, healthful surroundings, competent leadership, and the best of boyhood associates. With a reasonable measure of development, he should return home safe and sound. Everything possible will be done to make the season worthwhile.

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