Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

A hot, humid day at the Rock started with plenty of energy from the staff! Counselors Gordon and Gage conned Matt Rottman into doing their dishes, and Aquaman Jake Cahill restarted the heated alternating/direct current argument (the camp is currently trending towards AC, Tesla would be proud).

In other news, the day proved perfect for waterfront activities! Kayakers battled with choppy water, sailors flew around the lake, and canoers were up to their usual capsizing hijinks. The Wolves age group geared up and headed out into the woods for three day trips to Bigelow and the Aziscohos, we wish them the best of luck and hope they have a blast! Meanwhile up on the field, campers battled the heat with sunscreen and regular water breaks while engaging in high stakes pick-up basketball games and intense volleyball matches. Eli P. even got his Junior Volleyball badge in a single period!

The kitchen predicted that everyone would be hungry after such a big morning, so they laid out a smorgasbord of chicken patty sandwiches and salad for lunch! Rested and fed, the campers hit the afternoon with even more vigor. Upper camp had so much energy that Gus T. carried Counselor Gordon all the way from the waterfront to his bed in Buzzard’s Roost. It was truly a Herculean effort.

After a mellow second rest, the boys went down to flagpole only to discover that the kitchen staff was nowhere to be found. This could only mean one thing…

Every cabin took a fire pit and roasted some Maine red dogs while watching a classic Lake McWain sunset. S’mores were roasted, tales were told, fires roared, and everyone was merry. Afterwards, Upper Camp had an ultimate game of ultimate frisbee, and Lower Camp had a blast playing games on the driveway or swimming at the waterfront. Everyone went to bed pooped from a huge day of fun and sun, but we’ll be back for more tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Best Cabin: Hornet’s Nest

Best Bed: Eli P

Super Camper: John N

Blog Writer: Gage Wheeler