Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

Another Monday, which means a reset for those unable to complete the crossword puzzle past Wednesday (it gets really hard, okay) and the start of the second week of camp. We woke up to an already rising sun in the sky and for the first time long sleeves were not required at flagpole. It was truly momentous. Even the staff almost refrained their morning cup of coffee. Almost.

It was an extremely eventful day here at the rock with two seals, Aidan S. and Quinn C., done before lunchtime. Both finished this incredible accomplishment in blistering speeds helped by the serene surface of the lake. While that was reason enough to celebrate at lunch it was topped off by two legendary Birch Rock courses: chicken patty sandwiches and the double chocolate crinkle cookies dusted in the sweetest confectioners sugar Jon could find. Another momentous occasion. 

By the afternoon the wind had picked up which aided the sailors and one determined windsurfer (we’re looking at you Jonah). Strangely the wind was blowing towards camp across the lake, which does not happen often and was explained by Musc as the product of a warm front coming from the south. The more you know. The afternoon also saw Jack S. and Trent G. swimming across the lake and back to complete their loon before the much anticipated BRC Triathlon later this week. By 3rd period the sun had reached its maximum head producing peak and the camp was boiling. Even the most hydrophobic campers were begging to tread water between laps just for the release the lake provided (this sentence is sponsored by sunscreen and BRC water bottles).

During snack we also saw the first meeting of the BRC snack Philosophy Club. While the amount of questions that were asked is questionable, some conclusions were reached: deep dish pizza is always bad (sorry Trent we do know Chicago is a real place) and that Evan W. might have actually been the first primordial being to have ever existed. Mind-boggling, hair-raising, earth-shattering. 

After a delicious dinner and a rousing round of “chill sesh with your cohort” the campers headed to bed…or so they thought. Right at the usual lights out the campers were brought up the hill to sit on the basketball court and stargaze. As the sun descended behind the hills of sunset splendor, the speckled ceiling above us lit up. EJ led an educational session pointing out many popular constellations and their mythological significance, and all the campers had the opportunity to see the NEOWISE comet blessing our sky for the first time in 10,000 years. It shone across the sky light the dash of a paintbrush just below Ursa Major (or the Big Dipper) as it continued to hustle away from us. 

And so another day comes to a close here at Biroca. Laughs were had, hospital corners were made, and a fourth frog escaped from the nature Hatchery.