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Four of our most gallant sailors embarked after second period for a trip to our neighboring lake, Keoka, for the annual Camp Cup regatta. Returning champion duo Teddy and Nate M. led the team in Lasers while experienced returner Ben K. shored up the Sunfish class with young upstart sailor Manny T. After a hearty pizza lunch, the four competed among the fleet of over twenty-five boats in gusty wind. Nate and Teddy had excellent starts, leading the fleet on the first reach leg. Manny and Ben came from the middle of the pack, settling in for the long haul of the race. As they tacked around the first buoy, a wind shift shook up the fleet, but all four pressed on. Rounding the final mark, Nate had a significant lead, and even after a capsize just before the finish line, he handedly won the day for Birch Rock, keeping the Camp Cup on our mantel for the second year in a row. All four campers returned with trophies in hand with Ben and Manny coming in first and second respectively for Sunfish, and Nate and Teddy taking first and second for the Lasers. All four were exceptionally gracious winners, demonstrating the best of a Birch Rock gentleman with the other camps. 

It’s been a few days, but we finally got another update from MWA!  They finished the first four days of their backpacking trip and made it safely from the Mahoosuc Notch to Baxter State Park.  They endured quite a bit of fog, and some heavy winds, but MWA summited Baxter Peak on Mt. Katahdin early this afternoon.  Baxter peak comes in just under one mile high in elevation at 5,269 feet, and is hands down one of the most beautiful hikes in the state of Maine.  MWA will be finishing up in Baxter State Park and heading for the Allagash Wilderness Waterway in just a couple of days.  We are excited to hear more about their adventures! (There are even some MWA pictures included in this blog.)

In the afternoon, the field was bustling with energy for all the moose were mysteriously signed up for volleyball. Due to the huge turnout, two massive games of Nuke-em and traditional style volleyball were played during third period. It sure was a sight to see. Tears were shed, victory was tasted, and a good time was had by all. The waterfront was also a hub for activity this afternoon. The campers were busy at work hammering away at their final badge parts before the week’s closing. Canoes were paddled, boats were sailed, and dinghies were rowed. 

The night ended with a wonderful and spooky campfire with the theme of conspiracy, cults, and cryptozoology. The McWain monster was searched for, past hijinks of the midnight phantom were discussed, and the tales of both heroes and monsters were told by many of the cabins. After an amazing rendition of “Morning Dew” by The Grateful Dead from councilor Theo T the campers were all ready to hit the hay and prepare for the Sunday ahead.

Best Bed: Gonzalo I.

Best Cabin: Dogpatch

Super Camper: Solomon S.