Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

Our 2023 production is underway for an epic 97th season!  The docks are in, the cabins have been assigned, campus upgrades and renovations are well underway.  There are some great new surprises!   The  playing fields are awaiting to be finally hayed/mowed….Mother Nature – please give us a few days of steady sunshine!  (We’ve had daily intermittent rain for the last two weeks).  However Janice’s  gardens are in full bloom!!    Thankfully the talented casting of counselors have arrived – from the Netherlands, Mexico, Spain, Jamaica, Ireland and here in the USA -with a veteran return of outstanding Birch Rockers who bring history, experience and the core values of our community.  Together with our amazing culinary team we are preparing for the arrival of campers this coming week!  BRC 2023 were are getting ready for our official launch!

We are now in the middle of our ten day orientation of training including: health & safety,  best counseling practices, laws and regulations, programming development, team-building, mental wellness, practice drills, coaching/mentoring and self-care.  The staff is also taking time to create an environment of camp fun, purposeful play integrated with the natural surroundings of our unique camp environment here on McWain Pond.  We have had some great specialists join us for conversations – both in the health field and legal professions.  And yet, we’ve had time to sit for nightly fireside conversations,  play some games on the wet field, enjoy the loon calls at night while making new connections with human beings  who are committed to make this summer  – the very best BRC experience for all!

Stay tuned in the weeks to come as we share some daily digests, camp folklore, crazy antics and anecdotes, but most of all, brief blogs and character captions of this beautiful old-fashioned residenital  boys’ camp located on a sloping hillside westerly facing on McWain Pond in the majestic Oxford Hills Region of Maine.  It’s just simply – BRC!