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On the 29th day of birch rock camp, an official investigation has took place by the FBI USA led by the two Irish detectives Callum and Zak, during lunch it was brought to the camp’s attention that secret societies were forming around the camp and causing chaos, it is now up to the campers and the two detectives to catch these secret societies before it’s too late.

Following this dramatic news at taco Tuesday lunch, all the campers were on red alert for any suspicious activities from counselors and campers and with the help of some informants, the detectives unveiled at dinner, three suspects of the case so far,campers  James Wolfe, Thomas porter-zuckerman and counselor John Flannery

After this shocking discovering, Peter Brewster stood up to announce Evening Activity. The camp was asked to play Hangman to figure it out and if the man got hung, we’d all just have to head straight to bed. The game was a three letter word and all of the veteran boys knew it was Orb, but Peter was calling on the staff. The staff were guessing wrong letters and the man was slowly getting hung and the campers were losing their minds. The staff were “perplexed” and scratching their heads. Just as the man was almost fully hung, Peter started calling on campers and they slowly started getting it right. In the end, Peter announced that we would be heading up on the hill to play orb for evening activity, which was received with a thunderous applause, because who doesn’t love orb? After the craziness of orb up on the hill the campers gathered around to sing a camp song and say goodnight to the Plates family who kindly offer their land to allow Birch Rock to play soccer and archery.

Super camper- Wyatt Kepler

Best bed- Alex Yu

Cabin of the day- Tourmaline