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Sunday morning came down cool and damp, disguising the sun for a third straight day, but it was perfect for a long, lazy day to scrub up and chill out. And what’s better than sleeping till 8 and being greeted with warm waffles topped with mountains of cool whipped cream and strawberries. In fact, Aidan A. was so excited by the sight that he declared, “Honey, I’m home!” when Chief Mike passed him his plate. After a session at the BRC Spa and leisurely lawn games around the Lodge, it was off to the cabins for an extended rest period and letter writing.

During all this, the Cubs II campers arrived and found their cabins, donned maroon shirts and jumped right in at lunch. Michael K., Socrates K., Alexandre T., Theo T., Anthony K., Massi E., and Strider M. are in for an action-packed two-plus weeks ahead.

The BRC Cinema opened this afternoon with a twin bill of The Lion King for lower camp and The Princess Bride for upper camp, the long-running camp favorites. After another relaxing rest period, the evening featured baked cod and potatoes while the journalist got the low-down on crab cakes from Marylander Owen E. (It’s all about the seasoning, he insisted.) Dessert featured chocolate chip blondies and an in-service on how to write a thank-you note.

The day concluded with the always popular Warm Fuzzies Tree Talk, where the camp community practices the sharing notes of encouragement with each other. The young men of Pete’s Palace reinforced the power of teamwork and sticking together with the story of Capt. Pete (played by RJ H.) and the crew of the Haas’ Pride’s arduous trans-Atlantic voyage of 1888.

Tomorrow it’s back to warp speed, with activities revving back up, trips leaving out and plenty of fun in between. Bring on Week 3!

Today’s Superlatives

Best Bed: Charlie T.

Best Cabin: Quartz

Super Camper: Hugh J.

Special Recognition

Decade Club: The King

Tomorrow’s Action

Wolves to Kancamagus with Chris; CITs with Coach and Brian to a mystery location up the Kennebec; cub reporter Sebastian T. fills in for the daily journal; abundant sunshine; Cabin 8 buddies up with new Cubs II campers; The Gage does something delightfully weird