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Today we cashed that double raincheck and made up for lost time by packing two days of action into one thanks to sparkling, breezy conditions that prevailed across the Pine Tree State from Jackman to Calais and all points in between. Swimmers and seafarers alike took advantage of the steady northerly wind blowing down Lake McWain; Matt S. and Hugh J. both swam their Seals at a rapid clip, and The Gage’s afternoon canoeing classes improvised sails with tarps and ropes just to see if it would work. Abe T. rigged up a double sail that got his Old Town to the Plates’ dock in under a minute.

Over in Nature, Chief Mike’s class plotted a 30-by-20′ rectangle at the northern corner against the waterfront behind Pat’s Cabin and cataloged all of the species of flora and fauna within it (with George A. as scribe). The goal is to eventually create a database of the entire ecosystem within the walls of Birch Rock, a project that will take several summers. Science!

Campers also made up for missed time with a plethora of badges. Up on the field, Ignacio B. earned his Jr. Baseball badge, Anthony K. shot for his Daisy badge on the BB Gun range, Yash G. knocked out his Yeoman in his first day at Archery, and George T. gelled up his hair and demonstrated some serious flow to wrap up the attitude part of his Jr. Lacross badge. Down below, Gus T. got his Jr. badge in Campcraft and Ethan S. earned his Jr. badge in Bushcraft. And, out on the water, Anthony K. paddled his way to his Jr. Kayaking badge while Seamus W., Theo T. and James N. all earned their Sr. badges.

The nightcap featured the return of two much-anticipated camp features. First, at dinner, the campers with the most refined manners from each table were recognized as BRC Manner Meisters. Today’s winners: Navid N., Archie C., Andrew C., Jack F., Nathan S., Caleb D., Cole Mo., Ethan S., Abe T., Gus T., Theo T. And, finally, the weather permitted a full evening activity, which means it was time for the wildest, most chaotic, weirdest game ever — Four Core (aka four-way Capture the Flag). After a spectacular sunset it was time to hit the hay.

Today’s Superlatives

Best Bed: David C.

Best Cabin: 8

Super Camper: Julian W.

Special Recognition

Birthday: Asa K.

Tomorrow’s Action

Cubs return from Crooked River; road trip to Maine Wildlife Park; Cabin Night; Sebastian T. writes another fantastic blog; Percy sits in the shade