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Oh, geez, Family Camp 2016 is well underway. What’s been happening? Here’s the rundown:

On Thursday, the first wave arrived mid-afternoon, dumped some luggage in their cabins, and wasted no time jumping into Lake McWain, mumbling something about “hot in the city” as they dashed downhill. The only thing that could get them out of the water was the announcement of Salty Snacks, and it served to do the trick. After much snacking and socializing and a spaghetti-and-meatball dinner, the evening fare featured a condensed version of Quorum from Old Grove to New Grove and some live-streamed Olympics action.

By Friday morning we realized we were surrounded by a whole pack of children young and old, so out came the good ‘ol sign-up sheets. Brandon and Leo took a shot at Archery; Sebastian, Gus, Theo and a few others shot some hoops; Counselor Noah turned a trip to the water fountain into a full activity for the youngest kiddos; and the parents joined Becca in a limbering session of yoga in the Lodge. The afternoon once again mellowed out to lots of time paddling and swimming out on the water to beat the heat, hit another level of mellowness with Salty Snacks, and progressed to a scrumptious chicken dinner. Afterward all gathered down at the Campcraft area for marshmallow roasting and a three-piece band playing Neil Diamond covers on the fly.

And what about today? There was some street hockey and a scavenger hunt to entertain the young ‘uns in the morning while their parents yoga’d and dozed. Taco Tuesday came late (or early?) for lunch, followed by a round of cross-camp capture the flag, swimming, and the usual Salty Snacks, of course. But dinner tonight was a special treat — the lobstah bake! And steak. And all the trimmings. No one left hungry. Family Campfire got underway ahead of sunset, featuring skits that varied upon an Olympic theme (the Lochte scandal foremost) and the always-entertaining egg roulette among the staff. By then it was quite dark — perfect for a few rounds of Sardines with The King.

At this hour the Blues Brothers are playing and the dogs are going crazy, but otherwise it should be a quiet restful night out here on the hillside.

Best Bed:  Rhodey V

Best Cabin:  Owls Perch

Super Camper:  Michael Castelli