Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

It’s been a quiet day at Birch Rock, out on the edge of Lake McWain. After a double late wake-up, Janice arrived mid-morning, gassed up the Walker, and mowed the rejuvenated grass around the Lodge. Around the same time, the buzz of a power washer from the vicinity of the Lower Washhouse meant Charlie was at work blasting away all evidence of campers. Up the hill, Jinx protected the Health Lodge from a single intruder while Cathy brushed the cats inside.

And that was the morning. Sometime around noon the UPS man arrived with a fresh box of Gatorade mix, and, since he had to put it in the kitchen, anyway, Coach stuck around and made a fantastic turkey wrap and worked on job applications. At one point he spotted The King in the driveway; they reportedly discussed toothbrushes before parting ways to take well-deserved naps.

Later in the afternoon the rain moved in, making for a super long Second Rest and the cancellation of the Evening Activity. (Take that, Bucket.) Naturally, the grand re-opening of the BRC Cinema featured private screenings of The Lion King and The Princess Bride, and all tuckered out early after an exhausting day.

Today’s Superlatives

Best Bed: Charlie’s truck

Best Cabin: Flammables Shed

Super Camper: Shadow

Tomorrow’s Action

Sleep late; brunch at Melby’s; afternoon TBA.