Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

Today marked the last full day of activities at camp. As the summer winds down, the campers were focused on completing the last parts of any badges that they were going for to help fill out their Birch Rock Camp banners. The morning was beautiful, but the afternoon looked a bit shaky as there were thunderstorms reported for the afternoon. Fortunately, BRCs trusty weather dome held the thunderstorm at bay until just before dinner when the skies opened up and camp experienced a ferocious rainstorm. After lunch today we had our annual Flour Cake tradition. Staff each took turns cutting the cake that had a dime sitting on top. Stu Whittier unfortunately was not able to make a clean cut in the cake, which caused the dime to fall. He then had to find the dime within all of the flour with his mouth.

The end of dinner today probably experienced the most exciting and raucous announcements of the entire summer. Since today was once of the final day of activities, all the major badges that people worked on all summer were announced tonight. First up was Lucas K. who earned his Advanced Bushcraft badge after teaching a period of Bushcraft to the younger age groups. The next badge earned was from Joe B. who earned his Advanced Campcraft badge after tying a bowline knot in front of the entire camp blindfolded. The next major badge earned was by Campbell H., who finally finished up with Advanced Tennis badge, after completing his serving requirement and his conditioning. Last but not least, Jackson M. got a rousing birch rock cheer for completing his Seal.

The energy from the announcements at dinner carried over into the evening activity announcements. But since the ground was wet from all of the rain, it was announced that for the final evening activity we would spend time with our cabin and play board games in the cabin. This was met with an outstanding applause and cheering from the entire camp. The day ended with each cabin enjoying each other’s company for one of the very last times before the summer ended.