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BEACH DAY!- July 29th Blog

We ain’t going to let Corona stop us from enjoying Beach Day! The camp was awaken by the classic sounds of The Beach Boys blaring from a large speaker perched on a red four wheeler parked on the chalk-drawing filled driveway. The pre-breakfast driveway scene was intense; the chalk drawings included everything from the words “beach day” and “where are you and I’m so sorry” written out, to the houses from the world of SpongeBob and even a strange body outline with the words “on Wednesdays we wear pink” written. We had Matt Rotman standing on the roof of the lodge lifeguarding, frisbees flying, pigskins being thrown and everyone wearing all matter of beach attire from wide brimmed hats to Hawaiian shirts. The party ended when we all transitioned into the first outdoor breakfast of the summer where the kitchen served hot chocolate and French toast. Afterwords the morning was planned out much like it would during regular boys camp with two one hour activity periods between 9:30-10:30 and 10:30-11:30. Of course, the two whales that had been sent out earlier that morning just had to arrive at 10:00 (Owen E.) and 11:00 (Julian W.). Lunch was BBQ sandwiches. At the end of the lunch announcements, I got to reveal the big plan for beach day, which was an armada around the lake! When I said this, I was greeted by a mix of cheers from staff, some clapping, but mostly confused silence. I couldn’t blame them, beach day is about finding a new place to relax, not paddling 5ish miles. Little did the campers (and most of the staff) know, but Camp Waziyatah had generously given us permission to use their beach for our glorious holiday. When we paddled by their beach, Musc was there to save the campers from their dreaded paddle. We proceed to splash and play in the waters of Lake McWain in a brand new place and all the way until rest period when we leisurely paddled back down wind to home. After a much needed second rest (needed from all the paddling and swimming) we enjoyed our third outdoor meal of the day. Normally, we would then do the strut contest for evening activity, an event where everyone gets a character of some kind and they need to walk like said character down the dock into the water. This is meant as a way to get all the sand and salt of the kids after a long day at the beach, but considering we didn’t go to a salt water beach we instead did the strut contest. And a good time was had by all.

-John Reisert