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Kids on a basketball court

You wake up at 6:45. For some reason, one of your campers is up already reading his book, and you try to shake off this vision as you realize its the same camper that is unwilling to read during first rest. Already not starting your day off on the right foot, you throw on the cleanest mask you have and head to the library to complete end-of-season paperwork. As you walk by the oldest campers, you hear rustling as the last camper to do his whale is hustled out of his bed for a quick breakfast before lathering up and swimming round the lake. Clattering in the kitchen begins to increase in a few short minutes of walking down to the library, and you begin to realize that Thursday morning marks the beginning of the end of camp. 

Taking a step back from the second person (as John so elegantly delivered his second person ‘day in the life’ of a Birch Rock counselor last week), I felt it appropriate to use the second, but also possibly the third, fourth (one should), fifth (one feels) and sixth (“it” feels) to feel the imminence of the end of such momentum. Wow, time to cheer for a whale or something, this philosophical waxing is getting out of hand. Anyway, the day began with a bang. Breakfast was filled with a thrilling mix of pancakes and just as seconds were being served… is that Matt Rotman? Moving the bell? He removed the lodge bell from its bracket, unscrewed the whole bracket, assembled his ladder, climbed to the top, and hung the bell roughly 10 feet in the air. Luckily, two of the hardest workers at basketball, one of which who was attempting his advanced badge there, Joaquim B. and Noah P. were both able to “ding” the bell. The morning comprised of final badge testing, and by lunch, ten campers had earned their badges. First period was capped off by a whale bell where Kenny D. pulled in for a very entertaining end of his whale. Right before lunch, a storm rolled in, and chicken patties were consumed inside. The afternoon allowed campers to finish up their final badge parts, simultaneously, the few counselors and CITs worked around the campers to move, power wash, and store boats inside of the boathouse. The senior and advanced music performances were delayed until the next day due to a second convenient storm during third period, but it gave the musicians time to practice and feel more comfortable with their pieces. 

Dinner featured Glimp’s Famous Chicago-style hot dawgs centered around banana peppers, onions, and pickles. The campers let out some cabin fever with some cohort time during dinner as the CITs were off on a secret dinner mission. Evening activity featured a staff vs. camper 3 vs. 3 basketball game, with a corresponding G-League game on the other half of the court. Finally, the game combined into a full court 5 vs. 5 matchup using the entire staff’s bench. The campers showered off and hosed off and prepared for bed. Suddenly, the campers were roused from their beds, assembled at flagpole, and invited inside to the BRC Drive-In Movie! After receiving many rounds for free, the campers went to bed without protest. Tomorrow for the final full-day blog!

Best Cabin: Owl’s Perch

Best Bed: John F. 

Super Camper: Kenny D. 


-Sebastian Tringale