Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

You know the great feeling you get when you receive or give a compliment? At Birch Rock we call that compliment a warm fuzzy. They can be hand written, spoken or sometimes just a smile. Something extra to brighten someone’s day.

I would like to give our staff, from the directors down to the loud CITs, a warm fuzzy.

I have the honor of being the head counselor this summer. That means I’m the one who assigns everyone’s jobs and makes sure everything is fun for everybody. I am so proud of my position because of how awesome the staff is.

While I don’t get some of the younger ones’ gen z humor and they don’t get my amazing 90s references, I DO get how much work being on staff is. From long days of mulching to teaching kids to use knives, serve a tennis ball and have good manners it’s lots of hard, fun work! I am so lucky to be leading such a funny, smart, capable and extremely caring group of fine young men.

They continue to impress me everyday with their witty announcements, dedicated activity instruction, first aid training, hilarious skit writing and creative ideas to bring magic (not just the card game) to camp.

Camp is expensive. And it’s worth every penny. The kids are so lucky to be around such diversely talented role models. Camp is a great place for us all to learn and grow…without a cell phone!

So thank you staff! You make me smile and feel warm and fuzzy everyday. I truly appreciate you all and the work you put into making this place so amazing for these super campers. Get your rest, you’ve earned it. I’ll see you when the bell rings.

I’m in.

Best Bed: Navid N.
Best Cabin: Quartz
Super Camper: Alex S.

Written by Nick Musciano