Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

Hi, my name is Gus Tringale and, yes, I was head counselor today. Welcome to the Tringale boot camp where no shirts will be left untucked and no hospital corners will be left undone. Under my jurisdiction, camp was spotless and we had zero fun.

JUST KIDDING! The badges were flying and uproarious laughter was heard echoing through the trees of camp. 

For some reason, people just did not stop swimming across the lake. First, Cal R. started swimming and the staff was yelling at him to come back and he just kept swimming. We sent a rowboat after him but it was no use. He was just so fast! He ended up on the other side of the lake. The rowboat finally caught up to Cal and he got in the rowboat. But all of a sudden, Benjamin A. hopped out of the rowboat and started zooming back to camp. Where are you going?!?” Cal cried. Ben was on the other side before you could say “quack.” 

Soon after, Liam B. does the same thing! What is going on with these kids? He gets out on the other side of the lake smiling from ear to ear.

After dinner, James C. sprints down from the grove to the waterfront and hops in the lake! He swims all the way to the other side. The rowboat, following close behind, fails to intercept him on his way back! He returns to camp in glorious fashion. 

These gentlemen who swam across the lake completed long distance swims. Cal, Ben, and Liam did their Ducks and James, his Loon.

There are no signs of these spontaneous lake long swims slowing down! What will we do?

Written by Gus Tringale