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It’s warp speed with activity and action here on McWain Hill.  Thanks to the extraordinary creativity and talent of the BRC staff – all hands on deck with the roll-out of ILION. 

But first Sam K. rounds the bend finishing his Whale in amazing time. Evan W. is sent out in hot pursuit.

Ilion is the new version of Geronimo, with a brand new face, brand new lore, and brand new energy. It is the battle of Troy and there is major conflict between the Gods. Poseidon (John Reisert) spearheads the side of Sparta and Apollo (Peter Brewster) is the head of the Trojans. The two sides collide up on the field beginning with a quick first round victory by the Trojans. The Trojans feel confident and comfortable until… Who’s that? Hades and the spirits from Hell (Jeffrey Napier Kane, David Colasin, and Seth Brewster). They are relentless, pulling flags from all sides. Soon the Spartans reclaim their flag and the game is tied one to one. One last round to decide a victor. After a fearsome fight the Spartans create a Trojan horse and the side of Poseidon escapes with the flag without the Trojans noticing. The Spartans are the victors! As punishment to the Trojan team, the staff were lined up along the catwalks and the Spartan staff kicked the Tojans into the water while exclaiming, “THIS IS SPARTAAAAA.”

Just before the Trojan staff were cast into the abyss by the Spartans, Evan W. finishes his Whale. 
After a short rest period campers file into the lodge for Sunday dinner. It is time to celebrate a long time Birch Rocker, a hard worker, and a friend to all. Sam Rotman is receiving his Decade Club vest. Many staff members stood up to attest to these positive qualities of Sam. Other common themes were his smile, his unmatched positive attitude and his ability to anything asked of him at the drop of a hat. We are so lucky to have Sam as our colleague, counselor, and friend here at Birch Rock.

Tired from this morning’s battle, campers relaxed in the afternoon and took showers. That relaxed mood carried into the evening for the final tree talk. Senior campers discussed their transformation at Birch Rock and what elements of character emphasized at Birch Rock they take into the offseason. Tree talk is a time to reflect on the accomplishments of the preceding week. For some of us it is a major Birch Rock milestone such as Fritts J. completing his Seal just the day before. For others, their accomplishment can be a long lasting difference made to the Birch Rock campus. Teddy M., Gavin L., Jamie C., and Tim F. left an impact that will last for maybe one hundred years as they planted a pin oak tree by Semanas. All of us will take this reflective, gracious, and appreciative attitude into the final week of camp when we look back at all we have accomplished this entire summer.

Written by Gus Tringale