Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

Lifeguards in the water, a watermelon smothered in grease and a double decade club….but wait, let’s
take it from the top. Hi we’re Josh and Isaac, and we’ll be your guides through this eventful day at Birch
Rock. It all started when camp was woken up 20 minutes late, for some planned extra rest, and hurried
in to a delicious meal filled with tater tots galore. Post breakfast, every inch of every cabin was
meticulously pored over to gain the admiration of our guest inspector, Richard B. Deering. Clean-up was
followed by showers and free time and of course, a beautifully swept driveway courtesy of the CITs.
Parents, you’ll be delighted to hear the next scene in this tremendous tale: Letters! Some of you ,
hopefully all of you, will receive brilliantly crafted two page reports, while some of you might receive an
indistinguishable drawing of the archery range or pancakes. Regardless, by the end of letter writing,
your children were ready for Sunday Dinner. This dinner was special for multiple reasons. Most
importantly it was inside…oh! And Jonah and Theo’s decade club ceremony! Wonderful words, funny
stories and one terribly timed whistle celebrated Theo and Jonah’s impactful ten years at the rock. From
Hilton to staff, both of these men have made their mark on camp. Words cannot describe.

”BUDDY UP..1,2,3,4,5,6,7! It’s WATER CARNIVAL!! Carnival master, Shatzy and two lifeguards stormed into the
lodge in a big time rush. The plan? An afternoon of hydro joy! Under the watchful eyes of yours truly,
campers dove for precious gems, built boats, swamped canoes, planned synchronized swims worthy of
the Olympics, and of course, the grand finale GREASED WATERMELON! In a clash of brains, brawns and
sheer will the bears age group, divided into two teams fought to moved the greased watermelon from
one side of the cradle to the other. Classic. If you are ever in the area be sure to visit the Greased
Watermelon Hall of Fame in South Paris. After a pleasant second rest, we enjoyed some of Steve’s
hearty special lasagna. As evening fell, so too did the camp down to the Birch Rock for perhaps the most
special of all Tree Talks. Warm fuzzies. Every camper gave and received heartfelt, handwritten
compliments filled with affirmation and encouragement. So there it is. The whole story. A delightful day
from a delightful summer.

Super Camper: Charlie L.

Best Bed: Tim F.

Best Cabin: Dogpatch