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And just like that, camper Ben K. is off and swimming his Whale as soon as the sun has come up, more than an hour before the rest of the camp is scheduled to wake up. With a few of his fellow cabin mates, counselors, and his chase boat to see him off, Ben is embarking on a long and difficult journey around Lake McWain. 

Ding…Ding…Ding… Good Morning Birch Rock Camp! It appears to be a scorcha today, with the temps reaching upwards of 95°; the hottest day of the summer so far. That being said, we didn’t let that summer heat stop us from making the day a good one.

We had a few ducks to note, both Charlie C and Cormick T. completed their swims in great time and were met with a rousing round of duck quacks! 

Today we also celebrated Arthur F.’s birthday! Happy Birthday Arthur!

As the day pressed on and the temp kept rising, the staff thought it best not to have the kids set up for dinner and have a CABIN NIGHT EXTRAVAGANZA! This was met with a ear shattering cheer from the campers, and they all quickly moved to their fire pit locations for the meal festivities. We had dogs, chips, veggies, juice, and a s’more or four. Laughter, Banter, Quips, and good quality bonding time with the cabin was had. 

Many cabins decided to finish of the night with a quick dip into the lake, though some added a little bit of spice to their waterfront excursion. Cabins like Dogpatch or Buzzards Roost went the traditional route and dove in with purpose; while cabins like Hornets Nest and Eagles Nest decided to Paddle Board, Kayak, and Canoe around the swim area and docks with the sun setting in the distance. 

We’re getting down to the end here of Birch Rock Camp 2022. LETS MAKE IT A GREAT FINISH!

Super Camper – Ben K

Best Bed – Manny T.

Best Cabin – Owl’s Perch

Best Swim Spot – Roberto M.