Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

Today was a big day here at Birch Rock Camp. It was the last two activity periods and campers were hurrying to finish off their last badge parts. While this was going on we had a whale going on, James C. was finishing up by second period and had the most resilient whale that camp has ever seen. Along with the last whale we finished up all of our long distance swims with two loons and a duck. This year we had the most swims that went out in the past ten years. After lunch the new campers went out to search for the lycopodium plant which they would use to decorate the lodge with while the other campers played games up on the field. After dinner we ended the night with giving out over 500 badges for the entire year. A feat that every camper should feel proud of. Working towards a goal is something we try to foster here at Birch Rock and whether it is a long distance swim or getting badges it is amazing to see the dedication that the campers put in to accomplish their goals. As camp comes to an end, it is a heartwarming thing to see both the staff and campers cheer for each other at the badge ceremony. When the cheering was over the plaques were revealed and the kids went to bed and a good day was had by all.

Super Camper: James C.

Best Bed: Roberto M.

Best Cabin: Owls Perch

Best Swim Spot: Benjamin S.