Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

As we met for flagpole this morning, a certain energy ran through camp. We were reminded to “make it count”, and took that message with us as we started our last full day of activities. 

It was no question that badges would be flying out across all activities to cap off the season. To name a few, Gabe E and Matt D received their Junior Baseball badges, William K got his Junior Volleyball, Oliver W banged out his Otter (the Junior Kayaking badge), Gavin L & Manny T both finished their Senior Mountain Biking badges, and Gus L even channeled his inner caveman to complete his Advanced Bushcraft Badge!

Camp nearly coming to a close also had campers in the mood to do some long distance swims! In the morning, Harry F & Gavin L crossed the lake and came back to complete their Loons. In the afternoon, after a classic meal of mac n cheese and kielbasa, Oliver W swam across the lake in excellent time to complete his Duck and receive a rousing round of quacks in front of all of camp. 

To cap off a day full of achievements, Theo T decided to bring the entire Lake McWain community together and pay homage to the Woodstock Festival of 1969 with Birchstock! Up on the hill, campers, staff, and locals alike got to revel at the performances of the Peace & Love Bucketers ( Riley W, Tim F, Rhodey V, & Finn C), Mr. Sanderson, Jon Allberry, Steve & Eddie Hunt, & more! Not only was their music, but paper airplanes flew, palms were read, and caramel apples were devoured. George C’s dancing stole the show. After Italian subs were finished and the last set concluded, it was time to say good night to another great day here on Lake McWain. 

Best Cabin: Pete’s Palace

Best Bed: Wyatt K

Super Camper: Rhodey V