Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

The morning started off with a bang. With Angel F. Swimming his whale in wonderful fashion doing his last couple strokes as butterfly. Camp was full of arrivals with the bears returning from their trips and there was a small excursion to Camp Agawam for a tennis tournament. With both trips having an absolute blast the day was filled with badges going out left and ride from the field
to the waterfront and everything in between.

There were also a handful of swims going with ducks and loons swimming. The boys on the lake spotted two different sets of Bald eagles that have nested on our lake. As well as a sea plane landing and taking off on Lake McWain on the other side of the lake. With all this action camp was tired with the hot weather we have been getting for a change. We hope to keep the streak of sheathed and can’t wait for the last day of first session!

Best Bed: George K.

Super Camper: Angel F.

Best Cabin: Munn