Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

Greetings, fellow blog viewers, it was truly and exciting day.

Let’s start with the culinary journey that awaited Birch Rock Camp today. Lunchtime treated us to a delectable and creative crunchwrap supreme inspired dish. A mouthwatering delight that combined the perfect balance of carne asada, crispy taco shell, and flavorful salsa. As we savored each bite, the excitement only grew for what dinner had in store. And indeed, dinner did not disappoint! We gathered in the grove to enjoy a wide array of burgers and hot dogs. Savoring the taste in every morsel.

Throughout the day, the staff prepared camp for opening day part two, while our full session campers spent the day at Funtown Splashtown USA! Having a lot more fun then our counselors left behind to prepare camp for the second half of camp.

Sammy Whammy took charge of the leaf blowing, to clear the paths from the fallen leaves. Jeff led the lodge cleanup, where the staff enthusiastically prepared the lodge for another opening day. It was shining by the end of it. Meanwhile, Jonah and Isaac tackled the noble task of cleaning four different wash houses around camp. Even swiffer dusting the walls.

Meanwhile, MWA geared up for their highly anticipated trip. With backpacks packed and spirits soaring, they’ve prepared themselves off on an adventure of a lifetime. 

Through out all of this, the campers embarked on a thrilling secret mission orchestrated by our expert counselors.

It’s days like these that make summer camp an unforgettable experience for all. The joy of exploration and the bonds formed through shared experiences. As we bid adieu to this eventful day, we eagerly await the adventures that tomorrow will bring. Until then, keep the spirit of adventure alive and the campfire burning bright!