Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

The bell rang. From Buzzards Roost to Chipmunk hole, campers awoken eager for another wonderful day at Birch Rock. However, for the campers in Walker and Munn, the morning brought confusion because their trunks had disappeared!! The mystery of the missing trunks was quickly solved when these campers went to the grove and found a Stonehenge like arrangement. While there were several gnomes around the sculpture, it seemed that the culprit was the cult of Theodorius the Cuddly. The driveway was covered in chalk drawings promoting the safety and friendliness of the stuffed bear. 

Once the trunks were returned, and the messages of Theodorius were considered, a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns further prepared the kids for the day ahead. Unfortunately, the weather started to turn gloomy during the first two periods, but fun was still had by all. 

A new tradition in the making, all the campers enjoyed a delicious lunch on chicken patty Thursday, and were fueled for a riveting afternoon. Third period went off without a hitch, with kayaks being paddles, basketballs being thrown, arrows shot, and so much more. Although, the end of third period brought the rain. 

The weather changes rapidly in the Oxford hills region, and two minutes after being sunny and beautiful, the rain was coming down like cats and dogs. Down at the waterfront, it didn’t matter if you were in the lake or on the dock, you were going to get soaked. Amazingly, Oliver W. and councilor Aidan Singer were able to light a fire in the downpour and keep it going for a full hour when the rain subsided as quick as it came and left the camp ready for a gorgeous afternoon. 

After a much needed rest period, campers were confused to see some staff wearing the garb of Theodorius’ cult. Even further, the lodge was set up in two big tables with a large open space in the middle, and the lights were all red! Periodically throughout the meal, disciples of the cuddly one would call up campers who gladly welcomed the grace of Theodorius all while eating delicious pork chops. To continue the festivities, lower camp went up to the field to play cuddlyball (smash ball) and upper camp played cuddlyball (blitz ball). After a fun evening activity, the campers drifted off to sleep dreaming about more adventures tomorrow.

Best Bed: Tom C.

Best Cabin: Tourmaline

Super Camper: Trip E.