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The first day of a new month and it was a beautiful morning! The birds are chirping, the bell is ringing and… oh wow it’s kind of cold this morning. Don’t worry though; our campers were well packed. We saw long sleeves and lots of crazy pajamas along with a nice warm breakfast to get our gears in motion.

All seemed well and ready until our head counselor told us devastating news. Last night the Midnight Phantom snuck into Semanas and ripped up the entire daily schedule! None of the counselors knew what activities to cover and where to go. Don’t worry though, our ingenuitive program director came up with a plan. He had decided to take all the names of the counselors that were ripped up and put them in a bowl, then one by one we would select names for each activity.

As the day progressed we saw athletes in the woods, artists on the field and lots of counselors coming up with crazy ideas for their new activity. Oh yea, John Flannery also just decided to go sailing (because he can). Badge parts and whole badges were still flying though! Lots of laughs were shared and new ways to do activities had formed. So thanks Midnight Phantom.

As the day went by the sun had shown and the weather was nothing but perfect. By dinner time the smell of fresh chicken and garlic bread wafted through camp. After a delicious dinner and musical flagpole the campers headed up to the field for a glorious game of Quorum*! A game involving running from one end of the field to the other without getting caught by the Quorum Masters. After an exciting day all of camp joined for the sunset song as it peaked behind the mountains, waiting to shine again tomorrow morning.

*A quorum refers to the minimum number of group or organization members that must be present for official business to be carried out.

Best Bed- Eli M.

Best Cabin- Cabin 8

Super Camper- Michael N.