Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

Hello from a windy day here at Birch Rock. Today was a great one, it started off with the best echo of the summer! We could all clearly hear the words “welcome back wolves” return from across the lake at flagpole as camp celebrated the return of the wolves from their trip on the previous three days. The day only got better as breakfast was cream of wheat, followed by a main course of some fluffy pancakes and sausage links.

Following this we headed off to a great day of activities. Some highlights included a multitude of boating badges and pickleball badges being handed out to some hardworking and very accomplished campers. Great work guys! After the first 2 hours filled with adventure the Otters got ready for their trip, which headed out in the afternoon out to Mt. Tire’m in Waterford and Blueberry Mountain on the New Hampshire border. However, they still got to enjoy some delicious meatball subs prepared by the kitchen for lunch. 

In the afternoon some of the wolves at instructional swim tried their hand at sidestroke as well as treading water with no hands! All around, a great day of activities closed as the wind started to pick up in the afternoon just in time for the second general swim. Then during rest period about half of camp was hard at work concocting their skits for campfire this week, which has no theme, (possibly a first in Birch Rock history) and we eagerly await a myriad of skits this saturday, however it was time for beef stroganoff at dinner. In the blog writer’s humble opinion the day peaked at dinner dessert which was an incredibly dense brownie with whipped cream claimed to be the best dessert of the year by counselor Josh Rubin. All in all today was an tremendous day here at “the rock” as summer begins to wind down.