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Welcome one and all to another special installment of the Birch Rock blog! Today marks a special occasion as it’s the departure day of the Cubs III gentlemen AND  last Campfire of the year. Fifteen campers who stayed two weeks for the first time left today with many badges and memories in hand. We can’t wait to see them all again next year! The campfire theme for the week is that there is no theme, and the campers are free to come up with whatever they can think of! But before we get into the evening festivities, there’s a whole day to cover as well! In the morning Emmett C. and Gustavo F. both earned their Junior Nature badges, Sammy E. earned his Junior Kayaking badge (the Otter), and Ronan P., Jan F., & Leo F. all earned their Junior Canoeing badges (the Penobscot) in preparation for their upcoming canoeing trip.

At lunch a debate was proposed about the exact meaning of the verb “flop” in the classic camp song “Wannigan”. Many ideas were mentioned, but one that stood out was Brady K. suggesting to dunk the crate like a basketball. Today had a superbly special guest visitor as Gus Trinagle made an appearance on the hillside for the afternoon. There was such a clamor between Theo vs. Gus that third and fourth period were rescheduled as the Triangle Competition! We played many games up on the field like World Cup and Super Knockout, but the game to determine the winner was a best of five match of Tug-o-War! In the end Gus’ team came out on top but a good time was had by all nonetheless.

Campfire in the evening was spectacular as there were performances ranging from cannibals becoming vegans, a personality swapping device, and a Star Wars inspired romp across Lake McWain. Many laughs were had tonight and we all sung a final round of “Hit the Hay” as campers and staff alike trekked up the hill from the Boathouse one last time this summer. It was an amazing night and day overall and camp is brimming with excitement as we head into the final week. So until then, stay tuned!

Written by John Flannery

Super Camper: Alex M. 

Best Bed: Alex Y. 

Best Cabin: Dogpatch