Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

Sunday, late wake-up, campers getting out of bed with the sound of the bell and heading to the lodge just like every morning. Suddenly, alarms blaring, this is not just another day at camp, this day, the apocalypse has begun. Strange creatures appear by the lodge, some wearing black, others with green outfits. Two factions faced against eachother for the few resources left in this wasteland. The stage for today’s afternoon activity is set.

But before we get to that let’s gather at flagpole and make an amazing echo to cheer for Nico T., who was currently in the water. Just like every sunday we have a nice, long clean-up, followed by showers for lower camp while the rest of the campers play games around camp. In the middle of this we hear another sound, this time not an alarm, nor any regular bell, it is the whale bell. Everybody heads down to the waterfront to cheer for Nico during his last strokes, completing his swim in amazing time.

We are back at our cabins, writting our Sunday letter, which we drop when arriving at dinner, pork with potatos and vegies. After another great thanksgiving-like dinner it is time for anouncements. The first was about the essay competition, on the topic: What is the most underrated part of Birch Rock?, that took part a couple days ago. Our winners, Michael M. with an essay about the kitchen staff, and Lennard C. who wrote about the huge hill that supports the whole of camp. There was another very special anouncement today, the first mountain biking badge this year was given to Sam E.. And last, but certainly not least, we anounced the Manner Meister from each table (camper with best manners during this week). The names of these campers are: Anderson G., Micah S., Jack M., Eli M., Roberto M., Harry F., Brayden Z., Charlie C., and Zech I..

Finally the time came, every camper had been waiting, for the beginnig of Apocalypse! All of camp was divided into the two factions, mutated scavengers from the north against cyborgs arriving from the south. Both teams fought well during this great war, most campers even got paint on their bodies to scare their enemies away, which led to the next activity, general swim. After everyone was clean and without paint on their faces they went to their cabins for a very much deserved second rest period.

When the bell rang once again for flagpole, it was time to anounce the winners of the day. Best Bed went to Tom C., Best Cabin went to Munn, and today, we had two super campers, Nico T. and Sam E..

After supper and a quick break, camp gathered once again at flagpole, this time, getting ready for tree talk. And so we went down to the birch rock. This last tree talk was very special indeed, with some history about camp to begin, and a question for everybody to answer: What does Birch Rock give to you? We had several counselors as well as campers stand up to give their answers, and all of them were very well thought and true, making us realise just how important this place is for everyone here.

With this, we sing our night-time song and everybody goes to sleep early, to recover their strength for the next great day.