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A camper doing a wheelie on his mountain bike.

Another day another badge, and today they were flying. We started this sweltering day with some piping bowls of oatmeal (brown sugar optional but recommended), and our (my) favorite BISCUITS AND GRAVY. It was absolutely sensational – the crowd went wild.

We started the morning strong with Wes G swimming his Loon, Eli Z earning his Jr. Karate badge, Amos L earning his Jr. Kayaking called the Otter, and Tom C earning the coveted “Half Sour”, the Sr. Pickleball badge. Also, Eaton M and Alex Y both banged out their Williams, the Jr. Lacrosse badge! It was a flurry of effort, sweat, Gatorade, and sunscreen. From there we did not slow down for nothing!

As the campers toweled off from a much-deserved general swim there was a sudden shift in the energy around camp. We cast off the drowsy afternoon haze and substituted straight gasoline into our systems. Dinner was electric – fueled by Jon’s amazing chicken parmesan, garlic bread, and Caesar salad. When announcements rolled around the lodge thundered. The response to “Good Evening Birch Rock” shook the rafters, rattled the windows, and quaked across Lake McWain. Again, it was electric. 

Also at dinner, a messy one mind you with tomato sauce, a camper earned a spot in the coveted Clean Plate Club. It was not only for his main course but even for the dessert afterward! Our response? Another rumble fit for a towering cumulonimbus. 

Then if you can believe it, we only brought the energy further to the limit. Our Field Director Nick Ferraina announced that tonight….we would be playing…4-CORE!!!

Thank goodness we were able to play such an intense game and get the energy out of the kids before sending them off to bed – let’s hit the hay!

Best Bed – Lukas J.

Best Cabin – Walker

Super Camper – George K.