Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

Two campers playing a cross-camp game outside.

Camp was, yet again, full of energy and spirit! We enjoyed some shade in the grove this morning to rest and clean. We wrote letters, faced off with Magic, engaged in mind battles of chess and of course the tetherball rope was never still.  We welcomed 4 new cubs campers to the hillside with big smiles and fun games. One game was particularly epic…more on that to come. Our traditional Sunday dinner was elegant and delicious. A new popular addition to the specials menu was Jon’s ratatouille. Our campers’ mature palates enjoyed every morsel and hopefully it will become a staple of our formal dining experiences. Hades himself came up or down from wherever he lurks and enjoyed some before sending the campers into battle with his two sons. Two brothers. Two Sides. One game…Ilian! Campers braved the hot sun on the field and battled with each other and even the berserkers. It was glorious and heart pounding. Flags were pulled and bodies were painted. It was a total blast! The lake proved to be a refreshing postgame cleanse. As we start a new week, we rest and spend some time reflecting on what it means to be a Birch Rock gentleman. Campers and staff share their thoughts with the whole camp as we sit and enjoy nature’s tranquillity all around us.

Best Bed: Robben N.

Best Cabin: Buzzards Roost

Super Camper: Otto P.