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Don’t Be Sad That It’s Over, Be Happy That It Happened- August 12th Blog

Sunset Song- O’er the hills of sunset splendor Dazzles every eye. See the gray smoke from the campfire Cross the crimson sky. Thus another day has ended We’re glad we spent it here. (Where?) At BIRCH ROCK CAMP! Let your voices ring out In a thundering sunset cheer.

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Last Day to Earn a Badge- August 11th Blog

Today was a big day here at Birch Rock Camp. It was the last two activity periods and campers were hurrying to finish off their last badge parts. While this was going on we had a whale going on, James C. was finishing up by second period and had the most resilient whale that camp has […]

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Make it Count!- August 10th Blog

As we met for flagpole this morning, a certain energy ran through camp. We were reminded to “make it count”, and took that message with us as we started our last full day of activities.  It was no question that badges would be flying out across all activities to cap off the season. To name […]

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Down to the Final Stretch- August 9th Blog

Much like any day, the day begin with a great big GOOD MORNING BIRCH ROCK CAMP! We are in the final stretch, and are itching to get involved and get active. We have kids fighting tooth and nail to earn their respective badges and a great group of counselors eager to award them once the […]

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Search for the Golden Egg?!?!- August 8th Blog

It was a warm and sticky morning in Birch Rock Camp as we all awoke. The Viking invaders had left our camp and all was returned to normal. We began the day with an interesting announcement from Counselor Jeff that he was given a golden egg, which he had hidden somewhere on camp. If a […]

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“IT’S TIME FOR WAR…”- August 7th Blog

We woke up to Rune’s proclamation booming across the hill.  It was decided no matter rain or shine, it was the day for CONQUEST! After a hearty Viking breakfast of corned beef, eggs, and toast, the warriors cleaned up and prepared for the event-filled afternoon. At lunch the cheers were echoing through the lodge as […]

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CONQUEST!- August 6th Blog

Greetings. My name is Tyr. I am the Norse God of Justice. I have come to Birch Rock seeking satisfaction, a satisfaction that I hope the campers here will appease. I feel great joy in watching Ivar and Rune, the two brothers who lead the Crimson Elk and Black Crow respectively, argue with each other. […]

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Friday Fun!- August 5th Blog

Today was a marvelous day at the rock just like any other, but it was about to get crazy… The morning was full of a fantastic last day of activities for the Cubs campers. As the end of the summer approaches the swimmers are at their best and relay Friday is lightening fast! Today Lev […]

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5…4…3…2…1…SPLASH!- August 4th Blog

And just like that, camper Ben K. is off and swimming his Whale as soon as the sun has come up, more than an hour before the rest of the camp is scheduled to wake up. With a few of his fellow cabin mates, counselors, and his chase boat to see him off, Ben is […]

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The Trial for the Midnight Phantom!- August 3rd Blog

Following yesterday evening’s festivities infused with a tragic demise, camp was expecting closure on the “murder” of Musc during the Clue themed dinner. At the morning bell, the head counselor was not Musc but in fact a ghost who wore Musc’s orange hat. He also spoke like Musc but in a quavering voice and wore […]

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