Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

Sweet relief from the legendarily sticky New England summer haze blew through overnight, and out came the sweaters. Not even a glimpse of the sun managed to break through the thick blanket of clouds overhead. After sweating it out lately for days on end, no one seemed to mind.

So, what happened today? Plenty. The Wolves’ hiking and canoeing trips returned with grand tales of exploration that will have accompanying photos added tomorrow. A bevy of badges went out as well: at Volleyball, Sam R. and Benjamin G. earned Junior badges, while Charlie S. got his Senior badge; Will M. shot for his Bowman in Archery; George T. got his Jr. Baseball badge; Jacques M. made a spiffy pencil holder to earn his Jr. Woodshop badge; and Gus W. perfected the art of fire to earn his Fire Rights in Campcraft. Meanwhile, down on the waterfront, Hugh J. and Caleb D. each worked their way to their Jr. Windsurfing badges, while Navid N. and Andrew F. paddled their way to their Jr. Kayaking badges. And Jack F. became the first to reach an Advanced badge this summer by completing the daunting Gauntlet in Kayaking.

After some unexpected leftover fireworks after lights-out that the CITs got to see up close, the night at last grew quiet with campers tucked tightly under their blankets. Tomorrow is already Friday and the whole gang is on camp, so it should be a doozy of a day.

Today’s Superlatives

Best Bed: Sebastian T.

Best Cabin: Dogpatch

Super Camper: Luke L.

Yesterday’s Superlatives

Best Bed: Gus V.

Best Cabin: Walker

Super Camper: Benjamin G.

Tomorrow’s Action

Checking the weather every four minutes to see if it is actually going to rain; CIT Jack C. gets a haircut; Gardening with Arcadia; a plethora of badges