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With the second day of Coach’s absence, and the weekend slog finally burning off, camp slowly recovered from a hardcore first day and hopped, skipped and safely jumped right into the second day of our vigorous seven day week. Before Benjamin G. had wiped the sand from his eyes, he found out that a water main break on the field would mean that today would be “PFD on the Field Day.” Originally appalled, he noted, “All I wanted was to play a little baseball. But on second thought, what better way to ‘ball up’ (a newfangled term meaning to partake in basketball) than be on the field, in the water, and at Birch Rock Camp?” In addition, Don Miguel was eager to get on the green today announcing the Apicelli Open, entrance upon invite only. Noah decided to extend our fishing docks via “Pier Building Activities,” and Kieran announced his strange realization in which BRC is enclosed by a rock wall, which by definition makes it fit for a campfire. Maybe firecamp is a better word.

During first general swim, before lunch, the Beavers (Bee’s Hive, Hornet’s Nest, Walker) returned from their trip from Caribou Mtn. All returned safely and this excursion was enjoyed by all. No bears were captured in the process, so Sam K. lamented wondering if the trip was worth anything at all.

The Beavers arrived just in time for Taco Tuesday, which consistently succeeds as the second favorite meal on campus. Counselor Noah voiced his opinions on where Taco Tuesday really stands. “If we were to hand out tacos every day, one would consider it typical. It is kind of like the Beatles to the Bee Gees, Gus W. to everything else. The name contributes to the hype.” Although Taco Tuesday pulls up short behind Pizza Friday, it does well to lift camp out of the trough of pizza deprivation.

The morning started out on rare, but by afternoon the hill was cooking. As land temperatures peaked at 84 degrees Fahrenheit, the still frigid water served to quench camp’s heat.  The reporter was surprised to find a recreation of Washington on the Delaware at the center of the lake, appropriately in Old Town canoes. It was just right for Don Miguel to embark on a yoga adventure on the raft and teach upper camp a lesson or two during General Swim.

At flagpole, camp felt the calming presence of Coach. The reporter caught up with him after, and brought many tales of adventure from his outing with the CITs and trip leader Brian. “We drove out into the scary part of Maine about two and a half hours out to an abandoned hunting cabin with an abandoned outhouse via an abandoned dirt road by an abandoned gristmill on an abandoned pond. Upon opening the door, many woodland animals scuttled out, leaving the place to themselves. Liam F., Jack D. and Matt R. immediately set out on rescuing the lost dock while the rest napped on hammocks. Brian cooked a mean stew. While Matt fretted over the scary people in these woods, Uncle Jack D. indulged us in a sugary concoction with Fluff, Nutella, hummus and peanut butter as well as folk stories from his native Connecticut.  The morning brought another delectable meal from Brian’s pot, and after discovering a big waterfall, it was time to go home. The State of Maine was fully embarrassed by our rousing chorales of American Pie, Tay Tay, and Ke$ha.” The purpose of this mission was revealed as “to be secret.” Liam described this as a “religious experience.” The full truth of what occurred on this excursion may never be revealed, as the occasion demands.

A hearty beef Stroganoff dinner preceded declarations of badges galore. Strider M. and Luke L. both earned their Yeomans in Archery, and Gonzo P. earned his Bowman. Eyob G. clinched his Junior Kayaking badge. Asa K. and Chris K. each tied five different knots behind their backs while treading water to earn the knots portion of their Ranger badge, which is arguably the most difficult badge on campus.

Possibly the longest awaited moment of the night was Coach’s announcement — so anticipated that Gage sported a painted “C” on his chest to show his devotion. The ever stone faced Russ Wilson delivered the story of the 1978 transportation tragedy where two cross-country freight trains intersected serendipitously outside of Omaha, Nebraska, and, upon hitting a bump in the tracks, unwittingly swapped boxes of formaldehyde headed to New Jersey and kitty cat toys headed to San Francisco. The camp then set off on the premiere of Capture the Box up on the field to rectify this unfortunate accident once and for all.

The campers scurried about with their boxes and flags. Above them displayed the most exquisite sunset of the year, colors dancing between soft baby blue and brilliant scarlet red. A perfect close to a perfect day.

Today’s Superlatives:

Best Bed: Spencer H.

Best Cabin: Owl’s Perch

Super Camper: Price M.

Tomorrow’s Action:

Moose (Dogpatch, Eagle’s Nest, and Buzzard’s Roost) set out on Flagstaff canoeing and Baldface Mtns hiking, Coach takes over, Asa K. and Chris K. turn primitive, fishing and yoga with Don Miguel, Birch Rock Cable News Network updates, Wednesday wargs