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This morning, a small squadron of basketball players weary from last night’s showdown ventured onto the field at sunrise. Awaiting them at the crest of a hill was a view spanning for sixty miles across the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The players’ lungs were greeted by air filled with dew not yet burned off by the sun. This brought the boys out of their grogginess for a small pickup game with the hilltops soaked in blue behind them.

Shortly, the camp woke up indulged by the extra hour of rest. With the sun well on its journey, breakfast consisted of cold cereal, omelets, and potatoes. During announcements, Gage recalled of Monte Basbas’ cameo in his dream, compelling him to create the greatest tennis trickshot. Kieran informed those who aspire to swim their whale that this swim is just not enough. The kraken involves all our long distance swims in order, and the sea serpent requires one to retrieve a rock from the center of the lake.

With great and almost impossible aspirations in mind, the camp set off. And achieve they did, with badge flying out at almost dangerous speeds. Anthony K. earned his Yeoman, Strider M. clinched his Bowman, and Joe B. secured the prestigious Archer badge. Julian W. and James L. showed their ability to cut, burn, and tie for his Junior Campcraft badge. Gus T. showed off his moves for his Senior Lacrosse badge, while Eitan S. became a Junior Naturalist. Andrew C. and Ty D. swam their loon, while Gonzo P. and George T. both completed their ducks in excellent time.

In fourth period tennis, counselor Max, Lukas F, Owen E, and Eitan S. attempted to fulfil the prophecy of Monte Basbas in the game of “Don’t Let It Roll.” Known widely as “The game of champions,” this game is a breeding ground for legendary shots. The reporter stuck around for only five minutes and witnessed impeccable racketry. Owen bashed a ball directly into a slot over the net and into a slot in the opposite fence making it impossible for the opposing team to retrieve. Eitan sent a ball flying so hard that it ricocheted off of all four walls of the court landing soundly in a bucket in the middle of the serving box.

Preceded by a classic American cookout, WBRC aired for the first time at campfire. One of the most anticipated events of the week was filled with informative comedy about the latest news in Birch Rock. Patricia Storm, a distant relative of counselor Gordon, filled us in with the weather with shouts of “There is a large mass of weather headed our way,” followed by the bombardment of Mrs. Storm with the ‘weather’ itself. Pete’s Palace pulled off an excellent a capella cover of Birch Rock classics in an NPR special. Jack and Henry analyzed the fine literature of Letters from Arcadia dance, with intricate discussion on the meaning of “Please write back.” A completely unconventional form of news featured Malachy O. and CIT Kenneth, facing off in an epic rap battle. Through the inconceivable use of street slang, they still conveyed to us who the best Birch Rocker was. Gordon finished off the night with a hauntingly sweet rendition of Hang Me, Oh Hang Me by Dave Van Ronk.The entirety of camp now watched the sun move near the horizon just as the small troop of basketball players had that morning.

Today’s Superlatives:

Best Bed: Gus L.

Best Cabin: Hilton B.

Super Camper: Theo T.

Tomorrow’s Action:

Late wakeup, Sunday Inspection (including trunks), Showers, Wombat Weekend, Iron-pressed uniforms, Tree Talk, Supper? Lunch? Dinner? And more, A truckload of weather, A truckload of clean laundry, Ed continues the hunt for his elusive pet Yeti, Week three closes