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Another solid day unfolded from the hilltop to the waterfront and beyond as Week 3 races toward its dramatic conclusion tomorrow night, when start-up cable network BRCNN airs its first live news broadcast from the Lodge. Today’s events should provide plenty of B-roll and topics for friendly banter heading into commercial breaks.

For instance, halfway through his breakfast, Cole Ma. was singled out by The King and instructed to resist the temptation to fill up on Maypo, home fries, eggs over easy, and bacon. Minutes later, he was on a boat headed down to Wazhiyatah where he was promptly kicked out and told to start swimming. A little over an hour later, he arrived at the other end of the lake, hardly winded from the exertion of swimming his Seal. Cole credits the Maypo and his fans and manager as well for helping him accomplish the feat, although he says he needs more work on his freestyle if he wants to complete his Whale before summer’s end.

In second period, Stu W. and Devon A. played through camp on a practice round for the upcoming Frisbee Golf Masters tournament, scouting out last year’s course and testing out some new, creative holes. Down on Hole 10 (the Climbing Wall to Pat’s Cabin), they first encountered Erik T., who had just found a mystery bird egg and was warming it in his shirt, and then Don Miguel popped out when a pair of Frisbees crashed into his wall and wondered what the heck was going on.

Lunch provided the usual smorgasbord of gourmet pizzas and salad bar spread, followed by Counselors Gordon and Will’s public service announcement demonstrating the proper way to put on one’s pants. (No word on how big of an actual issue this is, but nevertheless.) At any rate, the simple three-step process goes: 1) first, you put your legs in the hole; 2) then you have on pants; 3) and then you say, “Thanks, Mom!”

Aside from the daily doses of randomness, all else was somewhat normal when it came to activities. Lev T. earned his Jr. Basketball badge; Eyob G. his Jr. Volleyball; in Soccer, Julian W. got his Jr. badge while Gonzalo P. vaulted to his Sr. badge; Aidan A. shot for his Yeoman and Sam K. his Bowman in Archery; Matt S. attained Avid Reader status; and Ty D. and Julian W. swam across the lake and back for their Loons.

The Moose filtered in from their hiking trip to Bald Face and canoeing trip to Flagstaff Lake with plenty of stories in time for a delicious chicken curry dinner, and afterward it was the annual Campers versus Staff All-Star Basketball Extravaganza. The campers, led by Eric P., Luke F. and Sebastian T., jumped out to an early lead, which vanished in the closing minute of the first half. The staff widened its lead to 8 in the second half, but a furious rally from the camper squad with back-to-back threes from Luke and Eric and a layup by Matt S. tied the game with a minute left and sent the friendly crowd into a frenzy. But with 5 seconds left on the clock, visiting former counselor Philip broke their hearts with a high-arcing put-back shot over the outstretched arms of Aidan A. A half-court shot from Eric at the buzzer sailed just a little high and that was it, final score 25-23. Hats off to the campers for a valiant effort and excellent sportsmanship.

Rounding out the squad were: Seamus W., Devon A., Gus T., Price M., Will H., George T., Lev T., Josh C., RJ H., and Kyle P.

By that point it was long past time to hit the hay for the night. Tomorrow’s gonna be a doozy.

Today’s Superlatives

Best Bed: Stu W.

Best Cabin: Chipmunk Hole

Super Camper: Malachy O.

Special Recognition

Birthday: Strider M.

Tomorrow’s Action

Late wake-up; cold cereal; badge ‘o rama; more long-distance swims; copious amounts of water and sunscreen; playing “Does It Float?” with random objects in First General Swim; crafting of camps and bushes; the Sasquatch is apprehended; Campfire tales