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Any day that begins with Tourmaline being awakened at 6:34 AM to go on a secret quest to find the Maine State Strategic Potato Reserve due to a dire spud shortage in the kitchen and a tetherball strung up on the flagpole is bound to be weird. And that was before five rounds of a Mobius loop sent the breakfast crowd into a befuddled, delighted tizzy. Yep, the last Sunday of the summer was far from ordinary.

The action kicked off mid-morning with the ~17th Birch Rock Triathlon as 13 competitors swam, biked and ran for glory through and around Lake McWain. Cole D. surged out to an early lead in the swimming phase, but Devon A. closed the gap after he hopped on his bike and tore down Passaconaway Road, made the Waziyatah turn and pumped up McWain Hill past Waganaki. However, Cooper D. was within striking distance after dismounting for the final run back to camp, and was hot on Devon’s heels as they sprinted up the driveway, but Devon prevailed to become this year’s Triathlon champion. The other finishers were James L., Brad S., Luke F., David C., Stu W., Sebastian T., David H., Seth B., Will M., and Kyle P. The journalist interviewed the victor just after the race’s conclusion with all of the cliche questions, and Devon was happy to give his pat answers.

So, what was going through your head when you crossed the finish line?

I was so glad, all that hard work and dedication and training paid off. I’m grateful for the support of my family and cabinmates every step of the way.

What were you thinking when Cole D. jumped out to his big lead?

I faced some mental adversity there. I knew I had to make up ground, being in fourth place at the time. So when I got on my bike I gave it my all.

Would you say your “all” was – numerically speaking – 110%?


What were you thinking when you heard Cooper D.’s footsteps just before the final sprint to the finish?

I was like, “Naw, man.” So I put my foot on the pedal, revved it up, and gave it my all.

110% again?


Who was the inspiration for your performance today?

My mom. Definitely. She’s the real MVP.

Final question – this one is from your fans – how did you keep your hair so suave throughout the race?

I always apply and comb in the earwax of a wild mongoose beforehand. Keeps the lustre shiny and the part perfect. Just a tip I got from CIT Henry and Counselor Eliot.

Meanwhile, the triathletes’ teammates from the four Olympic teams – Australia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas – duked it out in everything from baseball and archery to tennis and swimming. After a scrumptious Sunday roast beef dinner and peanut butter fudge for dessert, the competition continued with BB-gun biathlon, soccer, and, of course, Diving for Stuff (TM). When the dust settled and all went down to a General Swim to cool off, Australia had established a commanding lead. The medal count so far:

Australia 8G, 5S, 2B
Europe 4G, 5S, 2B
Africa 5G, 4S, 1B
Americas 3G, 2S, 9B

But the games are far from over. Tomorrow’s competitions (in an undisclosed but particularly sandy location just south of Portland) will feature beach volleyball, competitive Koob, and track and field contests of long jump, discus and the 100m dash (tides permitting).

A bratwurst dinner and Tree Talk about the importance of pride and not letting the values of camp end after this week rounded out the evening, and a hearty goodnight was shared among all.

Long-distance swim: Cole Mo. (Seal)

Today’s Superlatives

Best Bed: Robbie H.

Best Cabin: Pete’s Palace

Super Camper: Lukas F.

Special Recognition

Birthday: Coach

Tomorrow’s Action

Millions of peaches, peaches for me; millions of peaches, peaches for free. (Look out!)