Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

There’s been plenty of highs and lows these past few days; from scorching heat to heavy rain, the staff has carried on diligently through thick and thin! To keep up morale through the unhinged weather patterns, our counselors have kept themselves entertained with rousing baseball games and intense soccer matches (Birch Rock recently defeated Panama in a close 3-2 victory to seal a position in the FIFA ’18 World Cup). Our guest of honor, Thomas Joyce, even led an early morning expedition up Hawk Mountain to watch the sunrise on the longest day of the year! The paths have been mulched, the flowers are blooming, the field is mowed, and the lake is finally warm enough to host life. It’s shaping up to be a grand ol’ hootenanny this summer.

As an added benefit, the CIT’s arrived today to help expedite our work projects! When asked how he felt to be back at the Rock as a CIT, Chris Klein said, “It feels real good, man”. It sure does Chris, it sure does. Our stellar CIT line up will prove to be a great asset in the lower camp cabins, and we can’t wait to see them in action as they train to join the ranks of staff.

The stage is set, the players are here, and our three-day countdown has begun. Now we play the waiting game as we anxiously anticipate the people who we need the most: the campers! Stay tuned for more.

Blog Writer:  Gage Wheeler