Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

Camp has been especially soggy lately, but that’s never deterred our facilitators of fun before! The counselors have been keeping the energy high with off-the-wall enthusiasm and non-stop antics. Just today, Rafael V. was crowned the Pizza King thanks to his unabated love for Pizza Friday. All hail the king!

In other news, our senior campers have returned from the wilderness with grizzled beards and perfectly unburned skin (thanks to copious amounts of sunscreen). The boys from Owl’s and Pete’s gained a myriad of knowledge in the woods that they’re prepared to bring back to camp, although rumor has it that both trips struggled mightily with the propane stoves in an effort to make blueberry pancakes. Fortunately, we have Jon making the best pancakes in Western Maine!

The rest of the day was filled with flying arrows, roaring fires, and distant thunder threatening to bring down rain at any minute. Upper camp decided to combat the rain by making a good ol’ fashioned back country band, fully equipped with a fiddle, banjo, guitar, and some classic folk tunes to pass the time. Dinner brought on a medley of breaded fish filet and corn niblets, followed by heaping bowls of ice cream and brownies! This feast was followed by a highly anticipated game of Four Core, but unfortunately the weather gods decided to bring down buckets as everyone scrambled for the lodge.

Although everyone was soaked and out of breath, spirits were lifted by a rousing rendition of “The Chant of the Chesty Child”, followed by classics like The Beatles’ “Twist and Shout” and Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”. After singing, we all headed down to the BRC Cinema for a prime-time screening of “The Princess Bride”. As the campers go to bed after another busy day, all fingers are crossed that the weekend will bring lots of sun and fun. Send a prayer to the Weather Machine, it really needs it right now! Stay tuned for more.


Best Bed: Caleb D.

Best Cabin: Hilton A

Super Camper: Cheilang L.

Blog Writer:  Gage Wheeler