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From NPR Evening Edition, good evening from Birch Rock Camp. These are today’s top stories. The triathlon today brought athletic excitement to the shores of Lake McWain. Campbell H. busted out a sub 40-minute Birch Rock triathlon. Close behind were Aidan S. and Quinn C. Seconds before the start of the annual event, Alex P. known colloquially as “Raisin” pulled out a marathon swim completing his whale. 

Commenting on today’s athletics we have field director emeritus and incumbent head counselor Nicholas Musciano.

“Thank you, Sebastian. Yes: Everybody went out there with a solid game plan and executed without question. I was able to speak to Alex minutes before his start. He said his strategy was simply to follow the boat as he swam in a large circle around the lake. The triathletes, however, adopted a complicated plan of action and had a complicated process consisting of three stages. First, they would swim; immediately after, would bike to another designated location; directly following they would drop their bikes and run to the finish. It’s difficult to get all those steps correct. But surely, the ability to swim, bike, and run in the correct order is a key to pulling out a good result in yesterday’s race.”

In other news, campfire is coming up Saturday evening, airing on all streaming platforms at 7:30/8:30 central on all streaming services inside of the Don Munn Weatherdome. The use of VPNs to access content across regions is highly discouraged. Skits will encapsulate storytelling and revive the greatest oral traditions from the Rock.

Patrol logs this evening were quite excellent. All cabins were well behaved. After a thorough investigation, patrol was unable to substantiate reports of footsteps behind the uphill side of Eagles’ Nest. These allegations may have been connected to fireside chats involving certain camp lore. Details forthcoming.

In other news, MWA prepares for their last full day on campus tomorrow. Earning badges like the rest of camp, they will be using tomorrow’s activity day to make their final preparations for the trip, earn their very last badges, and also participate in tomorrow’s campfire. It will be a long day, however, as they attempt to close up their on campus lives and transition into their lives on the trail. They have been preparing constantly using their packs fully loaded with the weight expected on the trail to hike around the lake, testing footwear setups, as well as diligently building their own canoe paddles from scratch.

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– Sebastian Tringale