Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

The staff rose at the early hour of 7:30 today. The staff was tired, but the staff knew that work had to be done. The staff would not sleep, or falter, or act in a manner that could possibly be interpreted as lackadaisical because camp needed to be ready for the children. The Wednesday crossword was produced and seized by eager hands, and while Erik Joelsson’s pen was like a whirlwind on the page, the rest struggled. Jon and the kitchen whipped everyone up some delicious breakfast sandwiches and potatoes and anticipation was in the air. 

Today was programming day– a big day for all. Counselors finally learned which activities they would be teaching, and spent hours poring over binders and badges, learning from their predecessors, and inspecting their activity areas in every nook and cranny. Some climbed up the hill, some climbed down, some even both (multiple times) going between their different activities and making sure all was well. The lake was cool and refreshing, perfect for the C.I.T. ‘s as they continued in their journey to become lifeguard certified in record time. 

The day ended with some delicious clam chowdahh, with chicken, fish, and asparagus to boot. A rousing game of super knockout gave young superstars Sebastian “Threebass” Tringale and Peter “Three-ter” Brewster their chance to shine. The staff went to bed excited, inspired by Mike’s speech about the campers arriving and the summer that lay before them. Staff week draws to a close. 

Written by Eric Traub