Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

Not until halfway through breakfast did the campers realize that we actually had no power when we woke up this morning. Sure, the fact we were eating cold cereal at breakfast could’ve given it away if they had been paying attention, but that’s not really something kids notice. What gave it away was the lights turning on half way through breakfast, and the whole camp had a collective “oh, wait a second” kind of moment. 

Now, I’ll be honest, I teach swimming four periods a day; I’m limited in my capacity to see all of camp, but it does mean that I see everyone at least once. The waterfront through the day was a calm, cool, oasis from the hot sun blazing down on us all. First period with the Bears group went well, despite being visited by the McWain Monster. Since it was the oldest guys who’ve had to deal with this monster before, the reaction from the campers was more like “aw, shucks, not again” than of terror. They shortly went back to their laps. Second period with the Moose, I spent finishing up teaching my group the breaststroke. I have the most inexperienced swimmers, and it’s been awesome to watch their progress over the past few days. 

For the two afternoon periods, I again had more inexperienced swimmers. In the Wolves age category, my group decided to name themselves the “other fellows” group. Their logic being that they “needed help.” I respect their sense of humor, but “needing help” is a little strong. It’s more that they need practice, than help. During the final period of swimming, some rather ominous clouds rolled over us, cutting the period short. The Otters played a rousing game of “Wa.” For the uninitiated, the game mostly involves shouting “Wa” at the top of your lungs at the right time. It’s a blast. I covered the library during second general and was very impressed by the chess skills of one of the Hiltonites (shout out Leo B). 

But the most triumphant moment was Hilton B winning best cabin at flag pole. The look of shock on the faces of my senior camper cabin were awesome. Manny T. won super camper and Johann D. won best bed. 

Written by John Reisert