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Can you believe it? Today marks a beginning of an end for camp. This day was the first day
where we were closer to closing day than opening day. In addition, Birch Rock’s first session
campers were wrapping up their badgework in advance of their last day on Saturday.
Today buzzed with activity from start to finish. The headlining event of the day was the
triathalon. Around 10 am, ten upper campers lined up to take on a daunting task: they were
about to swim across the lake, mount their bikes and ascend the brutally steep McWain Hill,
pass camp, and run back to it. This can take between 40 minutes to an hour and fifteen
minutes, and for all of it, the racers exerted maximum effort. The swim was particularly
excellent. The water was perfectly calm and the participants put their swim improvements on
full display for the waterfront staff to see. Finn O, Jackson H, Ben A, Ben K, Gus L, Lev T, Fritts J,
Liam B, Niko T, and Micah S all participated. The temperature rose throughout the morning,
and the campers all earned a swim.
In the afternoon, Charlie McDonald’s Weather Dome was expected to undergo some
maintenance. In other words, the radar threatened thunder for the afternoon. It held off
enough for a few ducks to go onto the water, with Luke R. and Aiden B. swimming across the
lake. Inside of the swim area, the final Relay Friday of the year took place for lower camp, and
swimmers like Jasper R. and Everett G. raced in the waves of the deep end where previously the
Wolves took shelter in the cradle. The Otters, including Aidan L. and Eton M. to name a few, all
completed full laps of the cradle in their races, showing off amazing improvement in the span of
two and four weeks.
Distant thunderboomahs shaved off the last ten minutes of the afternoon periods, and campers
returned to their cabins for a well-deserved long rest period. The rain only came right at
I had the distinct pleasure of joining Gabe E., Jax E., and George A. for dinner along with others.
Our chef Jon had taken what was left over of Taco Tuesday and somehow managed to craft a
possibly even better meal. Gabe succinctly noted that the meal was “bussin” and Jax said it was
“The GOAT, definitely GOATed meal”. George was not as sold on Jon’s concoction. This is
extraordinarily high praise from a camper, and Jon earned himself a Birch Rock cheer by the
end of the meal. During dessert, we celebrated Justin Z’s birthday with a chocolate ice cream
topped with chocolate chip cookie.
It may have been the sugar, but by announcements the energy was zany inside the lodge. The
echoing, insulated sound indoors makes the announcements seem more exciting. Sawyer J. and
James B. earned standing ovations just for standing up for their badge announcements. This put
the staff’s crazy energy on display, present company included.

Field Director Nick appeased the crowds with the debut of the long awaited game Fox in the
Henhouse, a game in which balls, frisbees, and other projectiles are thrown and received to
advance into enemy territory. After a sweaty, energy filled morning, this was the icing on the
cake on a tiring and happy day.

Best Spot: Justin Z.
Best Bed(s): Manny and Lev T.
Best Cabin: Hilton B (!)
Super Camper: Ezra R.