Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

Greetings. My name is Tyr. I am the Norse God of Justice. I have come to Birch Rock seeking satisfaction, a satisfaction that I hope the campers here will appease. I feel great joy in watching Ivar and Rune, the two brothers who lead the Crimson Elk and Black Crow respectively, argue with each other. I hope to see justice delivered tomorrow on the battlefield. The battlefield, after all, is the ultimate determinant of justice. The only way one is able to determine if he is a true Viking warrior or not is on the battlefield. I know the mortals at Birch Rock Camp will not disappoint me. I have seen a great deal of entertainment for me thus far, but I still want more.

Nevertheless, today was an adequate day. We began the day with an outdoor breakfast, with the Crimson Elk eating in the New Grove and the Black Crow eating in Pat’s Pit. The divisions between the two teams have already begun. We then headed back to our cabins for a special cleanup theme: Fort Day! Each cabin was tasked with building the strongest fort possible out of their beds and bed frames in order to protect themselves from their enemies.

At lunch, there were three epic duels. The first two were between two of the strongest warriors selected by Rune and Ivar. The final showdown was between Rune and Ivar themselves, but the fight was cut short by their father, Røt, intervening. These three battles were quite appealing for me, but, as mentioned earlier, they were not enough to satisfy me.

Despite the Viking takeover of this land known as Birch Rock Camp, we still had a normal day of activities. Notably, Gavin L. earned his senior baseball badge, Cole C. earned his junior baseball badge, Tim F earned his Bowman, and Brady K. and James S. earned their Bread and Butter badges! Also, Axel and Jake L., Trip E., Solomon S., and the other Solomon S. all swam their Ducks today! While some of these courageous campers were swimming, counselor Jared brought an anvil, tools, and some metal strips, in which he turned into bracelets engraved with campers’ names in the Norse language. It was an absolutely genius idea, and the line to get a bracelet stretched as far as the eye could see.

For dinner, everyone went inside the lodge and were surprised to see we were eating on board two separate Viking ships: one ship belonging to the Crimson Elk, and one ship belonging to the Black Crow. The ships were decorated with Viking shields and canoe oars. The lights were lit blue to feel like the middle of the ocean. We ate Viking stew and had frequent toasts to the warriors on each team. We concluded the night with a Viking-themed Campfire, which featured some incredible skits, most notably from Eagle’s Nest and a skit from Zig House that absolutely brought the house down. I was very pleased.

I expect everyone to get their rest tonight. Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow is Conquest! I hope for a fun game, but more importantly, I hope to be satisfied with he display.

Best Spot(s): Julien N. and Michael N.

Best Bed: Aidan S.

Best Fort: Buzzard’s Roost

Super Camper: Zech I.