Refined & Proper- July 15th Blog

This week’s campfire theme is high society and these Birch Rock gentlemen are more proper and refined than ever. Every action was carried out through gentle care to detail such as this morning’s bacon and this afternoon’s pizza being eaten with a fork and knife as to maintain maximal cleanliness. Clapping for announcements was rescued […]

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Zeus’s Command! – July 3rd Blog

After a restful late wake up and the triumphant return of grits, Sunday at the Rock kicked into gear with the arrival of Greek Gods to camp. Zeus first touched down during breakfast, bringing with him the warring duo of the crafty Pipsqueak and the imposing Behemoth played by 5’4” Jonah Keates and 6’10” Seth […]

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Today was the first of many happy Saturdays at Birch Rock this summer. The Wolves finally returned from their trips just in time to prepare for tonight’s Campfire, an Emcee Throwdown in which every cabin put on a skit, with each of them assisted by one of the two pairs of prospective emcees; either counselors […]

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The Fun Never Stops – July 1st Blog

In my opinion, Birch Rock is a place where kids and counselors learn to grow with each other. Whether it is going on trips or playing on the field we come together as a community to Help the Other Fellow. This morning I saw sailing on the lake, canoeing, and swimming. We had fires going […]

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These days, because of COVID, the parents just roll into camp and fairly quickly drop off their child with us and then roll out again. They never get to see the cabins! For many parents, curiosity regarding where their child is going to be staying this summer is very real. Good news! Every day, our […]

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Here we go…Birch Rock 2022- Season 96!

Mother Nature and McWain Shores combined seamlessly for the picture perfect day! Summer warm temperatures and refreshing crisp waters of our private pond provided the perfect combination to welcome 82 BRC boys from around the globe. Our admission day and a half transition into the full camp season was accentuated by human warmth and welcoming […]

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Last Full Day of Staff Week

Today was the last full day of staff week. The CIT’s are back from there short soirée in the Maine woods and camp is looking beautiful. This morning we had yet another delicious breakfast and better yet, it was laundry day! After breakfast the staff and CIT’s busted out there work clothes and got hard […]

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The C.I.T. Trip to Baldface

We arrived on a stormy sunday afternoon, some by plane, and some by car. All with a purpose: to step into the role of C.I.T. (Counselor in Training) We flew into action, taking life guard training and ditch digging by storm. Were we cold? Very. Were we sore? Extremely. We shivered and ached with a […]

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What Is Your Why?

As we come to a close on staff week, we at Birch Rock believe that reflection on the work that has been, the work that is being done, and the work that has yet to be done is imperative to a more fulfilling experience. Our slogan this summer has been “What’s our Why”; a question […]

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Back On The Hillside

Aaaaaaand just like that we are back on the hillside.  To return to Birch Rock Camp is to, once again, immerse oneself into the earth’s natural beauty.  This morning while cleaning the swim tent, we checked on the progress of two bird nests. One nest has 4 eggs yet to hatch and the other have […]

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