Turnover Day!- July 23rd Blog

Whoa! First session sure flew by! As the first session campers began to depart back home after breakfast, our full session campers left camp on a top secret turnover day trip.  Thank you to all of our first session campers for making these past 4 weeks a blast. It was truly a pleasure to witness […]

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Bittersweet Symphony- July 22nd Blog

It was another wicked scorcha up at camp. We had a stellar morning of activities and loads of badges were earned in the nick of time! It was also the last day of inspection for the first session. Campers were told that the most creative and unique cabin would win the final day! While most […]

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My, My, Miss Mexican Pie- July 21st Blog

Can you believe it? Today marks a beginning of an end for camp. This day was the first daywhere we were closer to closing day than opening day. In addition, Birch Rock’s first sessioncampers were wrapping up their badgework in advance of their last day on Saturday.Today buzzed with activity from start to finish. The […]

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WICKED SCORCHAH!- July 20th Blog

Camp woke up to a warm morning where lower camp brought their laundry to the lodge.  After a stick-to-ya-bones breakfast, the campers were off to badge earning and fun learning. Between the third and fourth period, there was a quick yet heavy downpour of much-needed rain for camp. Campers were excited to get in the […]

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BUCK HARD DAY!!!!- July 19th Blog

This morning, the staff decided today, July 19, to be Buck Hard Day. This is a day where we pay homage to Buck Hard, a former counselor at Birch Rock Camp who lived life as extreme as his name suggests. He especially loved bushcraft and campcraft. To honor him, we all go shirtless and do […]

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Much Needed Rain!- July 18th Blog

And just like that, we are entering our last week of Session 1. It has been a wild time full of laughs, shocks, and badges galore. We are hoping to make this week even more action packed with trips for the Moose and Cubs 2; the long distance swims being completed every single day for […]

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Jonah & Theo, Birch Rock’s Newest Decade Club Members!- July 17th Blog

Lifeguards in the water, a watermelon smothered in grease and a double decade club….but wait, let’stake it from the top. Hi we’re Josh and Isaac, and we’ll be your guides through this eventful day at BirchRock. It all started when camp was woken up 20 minutes late, for some planned extra rest, and hurriedin to […]

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High Society- July 16th Blog

Good Morning Birch Rock! (In quiet, refined voice) What a week it has been; with long distance swims underway, canoe/hiking trips starting and ending, and many more badges to be earned and acknowledged. We have been having more fun than we know what to do with, and yet we have also been able to take […]

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Refined & Proper- July 15th Blog

This week’s campfire theme is high society and these Birch Rock gentlemen are more proper and refined than ever. Every action was carried out through gentle care to detail such as this morning’s bacon and this afternoon’s pizza being eaten with a fork and knife as to maintain maximal cleanliness. Clapping for announcements was rescued […]

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Rainy Day Vibez- July 14th Blog

Today started out sunny but was beset by thunderstorms in the afternoon. Before the storms Luke Brown took a 6 man canoe out into the lake and braved the waters.  The rain started to come hard and while I was teaching campcraft we decided to huddle together under joes, which offered respite from the roaring […]

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