Be the Beacon!- July 29th Blog

It was another fun filled, action packed day here at Birch Rock.We had a fantastic breakfast of oatmeal, breakfast sandwiches and cinnamon rolls to get our day started. After morning cleanup, we made our way to our morning activities! For lunch the whole camp enjoyed a satisfying meal of chicken tenders, pasta salad and garden […]

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Staff Olympics!- July 28th Blog

There really isn’t such a thing as a “normal” day at Birch Rock. There’s a plan and a schedule and a program for sure, but there’s always something awry within the lines of the agenda. If you’ve noticed any trend with these blog posts of mine this summer, it’s been the fact that I like […]

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Today was AWESOME!- July 27th Blog

Today was (for the most part) a gorgeous Tuesday filled with fun. The morning started off with counselor Eric Traub fulfilling an almost impossible challenge set for him yesterday: complete the New York Times Tuesday crossword puzzle by breakfast today. Nobody thought he could do it, but he proved all the doubters wrong and came […]

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The First Time- July 26th Blog

Today was a day of firsts for many!  Our new, and returning campers are all settled in and just finished up their first day of activities!  The liquid sunshine from opening day finally subsided and our veteran campers have welcomed our newest Birch Rockers with open arms.  The best part? Watching everyone try out new […]

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Welcome to our Second Session Campers!- July 25th Blog

Here comes the sun, do, do, do Here comes the sun and I say it’s all right ……… with all these wonderful 62 new Birch Rockers for the start of Week 5 at BRC! And  boy did they arrive in fantastic shape and style.  In all my decades of greeting returning campers, meeting new campers […]

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Top Secret Report Concerning Birch Rock Campers on “Turnover Day”- July 24th Blog

Below is top secret information concerning the illicit “Turnover Day:” illegal federally as well as in 49 states… except for Maine. Brace yourself for shocking details of camper diversion, happiness, and even elation. 8:00:00 AM- Late wake up 9:20:00 AM- First session campers leave 9:30:00 AM- Full session campers report to the basketball court Each […]

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Aidan Swam His Whale!- July 23rd Blog

Today was our final full day of first session. It was a very eventful day of finishing up those last few activities, packing, and having our end of the first session banquet and badge ceremony. For Aidan S., Friday, July 23rd was the day he swam his Whale! He did a great job and we’re […]

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A Beautiful Day For A Badge- July 22nd Blog

It was a beautiful day today on Lake McWain. Let us begin with this photo of the Zig House boys posing for silly prom photos, in hopes of a second session Arcadia dance. Camp awoke to a delicious and hearty meal of eggs, potatoes, and bacon. Today was the last full day of activities, so […]

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Welcome to Dave’s!- July 21st Blog

How’s it goin’? And welcome to Dave’s Dive Bar! The only place to get a watercolor tattoo and munch on a chicken wing all the while listening to live music. Down at Dave’s you get an authentic sense of the East Waterford scene. Entering the lodge from the basement, on your right you will find […]

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Warm and Fuzzy- July 20th Blog

You know the great feeling you get when you receive or give a compliment? At Birch Rock we call that compliment a warm fuzzy. They can be hand written, spoken or sometimes just a smile. Something extra to brighten someone’s day. I would like to give our staff, from the directors down to the loud […]

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