After Midnight- August 2nd Blog

Murder. Mystery. Midnight Phantom.What a day! We all woke up today (some of us in new and interesting places) to some interesting MP pranks. After helping Eric back from the grove to his bed we enjoyed some delicious breakfast of hot cereal and BRC eggs. Shortly after clean up a strangely timed bell rang loud. […]

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Rise and Fall of the Bucket- August 1st Blog

With the break of day came surprises, one after another. Campers awoke to find that the elusive Midnight Phantom, the legendary Birch Rock poltergeist that makes mischief when campers are asleep, had once again struck. Adirondack chairs had been rotated 180 degrees. Tables in the grove, where we eat lunch, were rotated, and two were […]

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Chasing Shadows- July 31st Blog

Midnight phantom. Conspiracy. Espionage. Madness. Camp is in a state of panic. Accusations are flying around like arrows at archery. Most of us think we know who is behind all of this but are really as mystified as a character from an Agatha Christie novel.  There is hope. Detectives Traub and Protas are deeply investigating […]

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Who’s Ready to Sail?- July 30th Blog

Four of our most gallant sailors embarked after second period for a trip to our neighboring lake, Keoka, for the annual Camp Cup regatta. Returning champion duo Teddy and Nate M. led the team in Lasers while experienced returner Ben K. shored up the Sunfish class with young upstart sailor Manny T. After a hearty […]

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FRIDAY!- July 29th Blog

Camp started low and ended high. The Bears and JMG were expected back in the earlyafternoon which gave the Moose one last chance to be the top dogs at camp. Breakfast waseventful. Counselor Jonah began to speak out against the Sqwencher epidemic circulating, thenwas silenced and forced to drink a teaspoon of the off-brand Gatorade […]

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A Message from Ivan Skinner- July 28th Blog

Once the campers got out of bed they knew that Squencher was certainly in their presence with a colossal chalk mural that covered the driveway. Micro bacteria hiding in off-brand Gatorade was multiplying in the brains of unsuspecting counselors, ready to take control of the host in the Squencher Alien’s plot for destruction. The Birchrocalypse […]

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What a Day, What a Day, What a Day!- July 27th Blog

It was a great day here on Lake McWain; full of laughter, banter, and word-play. Camp is a little thin right now as we are missing the Bears on their respective hiking and canoeing trips, as well as a select few who have embarked on their journey to be Junior Maine Guides (JMG); but that isn’t […]

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We’re Having a Blast!- July 26th Blog

Second session has started out with a bang we had a blast on the waterfront. Canoes were being towed from camp craft to the docks. Kayaks were being capsized and rescued. And the sailors were out in full force even if the wind was not in their favor. We also had Gonzalo I. swim his […]

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First Day of Activities for Second Session!- July 25th Blog

The first day of activities in second session started off with a bang, but that bang was the sound of rain pounding down on our cabin roofs as we awoke for breakfast. Unfortunately, most first and second period activities were cancelled due to rain and unsafe conditions, but that did not stop us from having […]

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New Session: Same Hype- July 24th Blog

Today was awesome! It was a hot day for sure, very humid for Maine standards. We welcomed campers arriving at camp all day! It was wonderful to see many familiar faces returning to the Rock as well as many new ones. While campers were arriving, an epic game of cross-camp Capture the Flag took place. […]

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