Posted by: Birch Rock Camp

A Very Happy Half Christmas to You!

All through the camp shoes were lined up outside of cabins in hopes that good old St. Musc had left the campers a treat on the morning of the silliest holiday, half Christmas!  The great weather carried over to the morning and activities were buzzing all around campus. By lunch time it was a true half Christmas miracle when half snow began to fall from the sky.  Some say it was in liquid form, but those reports can neither be confirmed or denied. In the evening the campers were in a festive mood as we opened the doors to the BRC cinema.  

Our first badge of the summer went out to Alex M., who earned his Basic Riflery badge.  That’s one of hundreds to come this summer I’m sure.  

After a long and exciting day, most of lower camp was peacefully sleeping just a few minutes after the lights out bell.  Resting up for another wonderful day at camp.

Best Cabin: Hornet’s Nest

Best Bed: Duncan G.

Super Camper: Isaac M.