Here Comes the Sun… oh never mind!- July 1st Blog

No one had seen the sun for days. We lost hope that the sun would ever show its face, and some lost hope that it even existed anymore. We feared that Birch Rock’s four consecutive days of rain was a harbinger of a damp existence akin to that of Seattle. However, as the groggy counselors […]

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Staff Quarantine, Day 1- June 29th Blog

  If there’s at least one silver lining to this whole Covid thing it’s that it saved us from what would’ve been a very rainy first day of activities. The Birch Rock staff are known for their uncanny ability to ‘make it happen’ but it’s always a bummer when the summer begins on a rainy […]

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Please Take Me Home- June 28th Blog

  After months of waiting and anxious anticipation, we are happy to report that the staff for Birch Rock’s Leadership Camp have all arrived safely on the hillside, and staff orientation is officially underway!  Putting the hugs and handshakes aside (as difficult as that is for us!), we are thrilled to be back together and […]

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Last Full Day of Activities

Today marked the last full day of activities at camp. As the summer winds down, the campers were focused on completing the last parts of any badges that they were going for to help fill out their Birch Rock Camp banners. The morning was beautiful, but the afternoon looked a bit shaky as there were […]

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WHALE & Frisbee Masters!

It was another phenomenal day here at Birch Rock Camp! It was a brisk morning and the kitchen treated us to a delicious meal of breakfast sandwiches, potatoes and grits. As we began to sign up for the day’s activities, you could almost feel the anticipation and excitement for the day ahead. We had our […]

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Camp awoke to a sunny chilly morning.  The driveway was decorated with waves, sunshine and other beachy décor.  Immediately following the bell, the musical stylings of the Beach Boys led us into breakfast.  It was finally here, BEACH DAY!  Although during the morning, counselor Jack Duggan mistook the announcement as Preach Day.  From the Gospel […]

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Triathlon Sunday!

Here are some awesome photographs to recap our Sunday at Birch Rock! You’ll notice two photos from our MWA crew too!

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Saturday in Photos

Here are some awesome photographs to recap our Saturday at Birch Rock!

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Happy Days

Another absolutely, awesome gorgeous day here on the shores of Lake McWain! It was so sick right from the start with Lucas K. and Owen E. completing their secret LAX bro training and earning their advanced lacrosse badges,  the Hopkins! After some delicious croissant egg sandwiches we seized the day!  Down at nature we saw […]

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Tubular Thursday!

Today was a beautiful Maine summer day.  The camp celebrated Lucas K’s and Jeffer V’s birthdays.  Hurray!  The first ever Advanced Bushcraft badge was earned today by Noah P.  Great job Noah.  In the evening the ladies from Camp Arcadia visiting for a night of dancing and fun.  The upper campers attended the dance while […]

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